When Does the New Overwatch Season Come Out?

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When Does the New Overwatch Season Come Out?

Here is the answer to the When Does the New Overwatch 2 Season Come Out question that many people have been asking themselves lately.

Overwatch 2 Season 6 is almost over, and it’s safe to say it has been one of the best ones yet. We had the chance to access tons of new content, something that wasn’t available before. Players even have the opportunity to play PvE.

Even though the Season 6 was fun, a lot of people want to know when does the new Overwatch season come out, so let’s learn more about it.

When does the new Overwatch Season start?

The New Overwatch season starts on October 10, and as we’ve reported, it will include tons of new things. We expect to see a new tank in the game before the arrival of 2024 because the game only got new support heroes in the last few months. Ramattra was the last tank added to Overwatch 2, so we can’t wait to see who’s going to be next.

Another reason why people want to know when does Overwatch Season 7 start is because of the Sombra and Roadhog reworks. These two heroes haven’t been as good as players want them to be, which explains why they are not popular in the current meta. However, once the works become available, we expect to see a lot more from them.

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Will the new Overwatch season have other things?

After answering the question “when does the new overwatch season come out”l, as well as some of the things we expect, we have to share some details about the other options. So far, we know that there will be new collaborations. In other words, Blizzard will collaborate with other brands to provide people with new skins and other options.

On top of that, Season 7 of Overwatch 2 should have a new lore code. We already know the characters’ age, but we expect to see a lot more things in the future. 

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