Overwatch 2: Tank Heroes With The Highest Win Rate So Far

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Overwatch 2: Tank Heroes With The Highest Win Rate So Far

Here are the 5 most successful tank heroes after the Overwatch 2 Season 4 update

Even though the most recent news about the fact that Blizzard has canceled the PVE mode for Overwatch 2 definitely disappointed a lot of people, the hardcore fans will keep playing. Most of them want to reach the Grandmaster level as fast as possible, so they’ve paid close attention to the mid-Season 4 update in Overwatch 2. We have a lot of articles for it, so make sure to learn more about the hottest DPS and Support heroes you can get.

When talking about tanks in Overwatch 2 Season 4, everyone thinks of Junker Queen. The latter is the hottest pick in the current meta and one of the most successful heroes. There are several reasons why she’s so good, but we won’t go into them and won’t include her in this list. Instead, we will focus on all of the other tanks that are also pretty good in the meta and can work well against JQ. For the purpose of this article, we will use the data from OverBuff.



A quick at the win rate for the Tank role after the mid-season update in Overwatch 2 for last week shows that Reinhardt is topping the list. With close to a 54% win rate, this is one of the best heroes in the game you can pick right now. He wasn’t that popular during the diving combos meta, but since Brawl stands out right now, Rein is one of the best.

Many things make this tank special, such as the fact that he is much more sturdy than the rest. Furthermore, Reinhardt is an Overwatch 2 tank that can easily kill any squishy target in seconds. He also has the strongest barrier in the game, which is great for maps that require pushing.

Speaking of maps, Rein is not a hero that will work in all situations. For example,e he’s not that good against poke combos on open maps because the latter consists of heroes like Widowmaker and Hanzo. Needless to say, Rein can’t do much against them. 


Overwatch Sigma Ultimate

As mentioned, Junker Queen should also be on the list, but since we have a separate article for her, there is no need to mention her again. Just remember that JQ’s current win rate is around 53%, but it will probably increase even more in the next couple of days.

Putting Junker Queen aside, the next big tank on the list is Sigma and it probably doesn’t come as a surprise. Sigma has always been the king of the Poke combos, and he is the best hero on a variety of maps in Overwatch 2 Season 4. Since the poke combos are pretty big now, we can expect Sigma to remain a part of the meta until the Season 5 changes become available. Speaking of the devil, you can learn more about them in this article.

One of the problems that Sigma needs to keep in mind is that the hero is not that good against Junker Queen. Sure, he does a lot of damage, but JQ is in a league of her own after the buffs. Hence, players need to be careful when deciding what to pick against her.


The next name on the list is Ramattra, another hero that has been a part of the Overwatch 2 Season 4 meta. Like Sigma. Ramattra is a name that was pretty big in Season 3. Even though the hero was nerfed drastically in the last season, he found his way into the meta and has been a part of it ever since.

Although Ramattra doesn’t seem that dangerous when you first start playing, you will see a massive difference once you pair the hero with the correct supports. He will become incredibly powerful and really difficult to deal with, especially in a big team fight. In fact, some players will say that Ramattra is even better than Junker Queen right now, especially on certain maps.

If we take a look at the stats for the hero in Overwatch 2 Season 4, we can see that he has more than a 52% win rate. We will keep an eye on it because it will likely increase in the next couple of weeks. Don’t forget that Season 5 should arrive soon, so it may bring drastic changes to this tank.


Surprisingly, the next name on the list with more than a 52% win rate is Doomfirst. He’s been one of the most controversial picks in Overwatch 2 because he went from hero to zero a couple of times. There was a time in early Season 2 when Doomfirst was the best in the world and dominated in his games. However, Blizzard decided to nerf him, and he was forgotten for most of S3 and early S4. 

With that said, the fact that brawl combos are pretty big now has put him back in the game. This explains why he is amont the few Overwatch 2 tanks with more than a 52% win rating.

Doomfirst is similar to Sigma in some ways because the hero is strong, but only on specific maps. Although her has the potential to carry his team, this is only true on certain maps because the hero could be better in others.

Wrecking Ball

Finally, we have the hero that is almost impossible to kill if the player knows what he’s doing. Wrecking Ball is one of the best for diving and brawling in Overwatch 2 Season 4, and he is the last hero on the list with more than a 50% win rating. 

The reason why the stats for Ball are slightly lower than for other tanks is because of the hero’s complexity. Not many players can use him to his full potential, but those who know what they’re doing usually carry their team.

Overwatch 2: Tank Heroes With The Highest Win Rate So Far
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