Overwatch 2: Why Junker Queen Is the Best Season 4 Tank Right Now

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Overwatch 2: Why Junker Queen Is the Best Season 4 Tank Right Now

Looking at how the Junkertown ruler rocks the Overwatch 2 Season 4 meta.

As the mid-season patch has rolls out, we find ourselves in a completely new landscape in the Overwatch 2 Season 4 meta. With certain buffs getting introduced, once-effective backline supports are now taking a backseat, making space for improved heroes that are getting the spotlight they deserve. One of them is Junker Queen, an off-tank that excels in suppressing enemy healing and increasing her and her team's survivability.

On paper, her skillset stands out among the rest of the heroes in her role, especially after she was buffed. Her unique life-steal passive grants her a ton of sustain on her own. This aspect, as well as others make her a hell of a pick in the current meta. Here's why Junker Queen is the best tank in Overwatch 2 right now:

Adrenaline Rush Now Heals 200% Of All Wound Damage

Junker Queen's sustain has never been higher. Alongside her slew of extra improvements is a considerable buff to the matriarch's strong passive; your Wound damage now has a multiplier of 2x. This means that recalling your Jagged Blade through the entire enemy team or swinging your axe on multiple targets is set to heal you with a nice chunk of health.

The strongest counter heroes to look out for include Zarya and Kiriko, since their abilities can remove/cleanse Wounds from your opponents. In any case, if charging in is more your style, Junker Queen's brawler kit is made just for that.

Overwatch 2 Junker Queen giving the thumb down - Overwatch 2 issues and Bugs

More Ammo on Scattergun

What seems like a +2 ammo increase on your primary weapon might not seem like a big deal, but if you're trying to gun down a 1 HP cyborg ninja that keeps jumping over you, you'll need the extra firepower to finish them off. Furthermore, the Scattergun is your best tool to taking out enemy barriers, which strongly oppose your playstyle. It's also a hitscan weapon, so a well-placed headshot (160 damage/shot) can instantly eliminate some enemies when you get close and personal.

Commanding Shout Gives Your Team Extra Momentum

Give yourself and nearby allies a boost to HP and movement speed for 3-5 seconds. This is a great tool for running away from D.Va's ultimate or for trying to be a harder target to hit in general. On top of that, it also gives your team an extra push during drawn-out team fights. As any Overwatch 2 player knows, a few seconds can stand between you and winning a match. Use Commanding Shout wisely to survive uphill battles and rush to the objective when a Lucio isn't around.

Jagged Blade Is Bigger Now

Now this is a knife! In the mid-season 4 patch notes, Junker Queen's trusty dagger got a bit of an upgrade. It's projectile size is bigger than ever, allowing more room for mistakes when you chuck it at the enemy's face. The biggest upside to this is that hitting opponents with the ranged attack gives more Wound damage than hitting an enemy with Junker Queen's melee. You get about twice more healing with her Adrenaline Rush passive when you hit your mark, and there's nothing more satisfying that pushing (or in this case, pulling) an enemy off the map.

Her Ultimate Ability Counters Every Support Hero

There are a few ultimate abilities in the game that makes the enemy team scramble. This is one of them. When she activates her Rampage, Junker Queen spins her magnetic axe while charging into the enemy backline, dealing Wound and Impact damage to enemies in her wake. Getting hit also prevents any healing for 4.5 seconds. This, much like Ana's Biotic Grenade, forces enemy supports to choose other targets for healing (if any are left), but also repositions Junker Queen into the backline. This allows your team to wreak havoc in two fronts, but getting isolated also poses a ton of risk. Specifically, a Kiriko that knows that they're doing can completely nullify Rampage's effects. That said, team communication and proper planning can make an already great hero kit even better, so make sure to maximize your ultimate ability in clutch moments to turn the tide.

Final Thoughts

Junker Queen's added multiplier on her passive gives her a ton of survivability on her own, and makes her a fun pick when you play Overwatch 2. In turn, her independent playstyle helps the healers focus on keeping the DPS alive. Moreover, the rest of Junker Queen's kit can impact multiple targets and confuse enemy supports, all the while giving her teammates a sharper edge when it comes to high-stakes firefights. And despite not having a barrier, her increased Scattershots can make it an even playing field when going up against Tank heroes that do.

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Overwatch 2: Why Junker Queen Is the Best Season 4 Tank Right Now
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