Overwatch 2: Which DPS Are Good After the Mid-Season 4 Update?

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Overwatch 2: Which DPS Are Good After the Mid-Season 4 Update?

Let’s look at the Overwatch 2 DPS heroes you should play after the mid-season 4 updates.

The mid-season Overwatch 2 update that nerfed Ana and made Junker Queen one of the best heroes in the game became available a couple of days ago. As expected, it already has an effect on the current meta because some heroes have become a lot more popular than before. As expected, Junker Queen is in a league of her own, and she quickly becomes the most dominant hero in the game.

The fact JQ is so popular right now affects the entire meta, especially the DPS heroes. Some Overwatch 2 Season 4 heroes suddenly became much more popular than before, and this article will review them.


One of the go-to heroes for most “Poke” combos in Overwatch 2 is a viable option in the current meta. Despite the nerfs in Season 4, Widowmaker remained a relatively solid pick option for people who like poking at their enemies. However, she was not good against most dive combos, so we didn’t see her that often. 

However, now that the meta is different and mostly focuses on Junker Queen, Widowmaker is definitely a solid option to consider in Season 4. People who’re wondering which DPS to play after the mid-Season 4 update have to know that Widow can be really effective against JQ. Her long range allows the hero to land a clean headshot, forcing Junker Queen to play more defensively.


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Another solid option for people wondering which DPS to play after the mid-Season 4 update is Sojourn. Despite the nerfs in the last couple of months, she has always been a part of the meta. Sojourn can work well in some setups with Winston, and she has always been good against Junker Queen.

Although killing the Raid Boss is easier said than done, this Overwatch 2 DPS hero can be a solid option against her. The damage output is strong, and Sojourn’s ability to escape when needed makes her even stronger. 



Hanzo is always in a similar situation to Widowmaker. This means that the hero works well in the meta as long as Widow is also a part of it. Since we’ve mentioned that the OW 2 sniper is pretty good right now, the same goes for Hanzo.

Although Junker Queen is mostly good at brawling, she can also enable some of the popular dive setups in Overwatch 2 Season 4. Needless to say, this is where Hanzo shines because he is among the best options to have against these setups.

Those wondering which is the best DPS to play after the mid-Season 4 update should keep in mind that Hanzo is one of the heroes with the highest burst damage. Junker Queen players who’re not paying attention can get in a lot of trouble.


The hero Pharah from Blizzard's Overwatch franchise

The evergreen Pharah and  Mercy combo is here once again, and many people have been using it extensively in the last couple of days. Consequently, people wondering which DPS to play after the mid-season 4 updates can focus on this hero.

Pharah is among the DPS heroes that can easily Punish Junker Queen, and the latter can’t do much about it. Sadly, this is not one of the heroes that you can pick every time. In fact,  Pharah can’t play against a Poke combo led by Widowmaker because the latter is one of her biggest counters. 

Other than that, Pharah is also somewhat weak versus specific Sigma matches. So, always be careful when picking her. 


Tracer is The last hero you should focus on to improve your win rate during the mid-Season 4 patch of Overwatch 2. Known as one of the best DPS in the game, Tracer is just on another level when compared to most other heroes right now. She works extremely well with Junker Queen because the latter enables her to do even more damage. Of course, Tracer is also a pretty solid option against JQ because she’s swift, and the tank will have problems dealing with her. 

Something that many Tracer players forget is that their hero is excellent at baiting cooldowns. Although this may not seem important in lower-MMR games, when playing against people who know what they’re doing, the hero works really well. She can bait Suzi, Boops, Hooks, and a variety of other things.

Despite all of the advantages, some drawbacks have to be taken into consideration. For example, Tracer is not good in Overwatch 2 matchups where Sigma is the opponent’s main tank. This hero works well on specific maps, so keep that in mind.

Heroes that are not that good 

overwatch2-wallpaper bastion

If you want to pick some of the underdogs in the mid-season 4 of Overwatch 2 and test your skills, several names deserve attention. Of course, the first one that comes to mind is Genji because this is a hero that hasn’t been that impressive lately. He is just not that good in the meta because other DPs do a much better job than him.

Another controversial pick that only works in specific situations is Bastion. He is a hero that can be extremely effective, but only under specific conditions. The hero is too slow, and his damage output depends heavily on one of his abilities. Therefore, opponents that can kite him and/or have high burst damage can kill him in a matter of seconds.

Finally, we have Soldier: 76, a hero that was the go-to option before but slowly faded away from the meta. Although some players expected positive changes following the mid-Season 4 update in Overwatch 2, this wasn’t the case.

Overwatch 2: Which DPS Are Good After the Mid-Season 4 Update?
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