Overwatch 2: Support Ranking Tips For Season 6

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Overwatch 2: Support Ranking Tips For Season 6

Here are some of the support ranking tips for Season 6 you need to improve your gameplay.

Most Overwatch 2 players can agree that support is one of the most underrated roles in the game. This was especially true at the beginning of Overwatch 2, but now, things are slightly different. A lot of people have started appreciating the support role a lot more because of what it offers.

Season 6 arrived a few weeks ago and introduced Illari, the game’s latest hero. She’s a support and is incredibly effective, but there are a few other support heroes that deserve more attention. Our Overwatch 2 support ranking tips for Season 6 will help you if you need tips on reaching your desired rank, so let’s dive in.


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The first hero we want to share some support ranking tips for Season 6 is Ana.  She has been one of the best overall heroes in the game and a vital pick among professional players. Although her win rate is not as impressive as some of the names listed in the Overwatch 2 stats article, she can work well in many situations.

Even though Ana is way more than just a hero who stays back and heals her opponents, people often forget they can play aggressively. While it’s true that her damage output is not the greatest, throwing an offensive grenade can make a huge difference. Once you land this on the enemy’s tank, your team should be able to kill that target much faster.

Of course, using an aggressive sleep dart is also really good against all sorts of top DPS and Tanks. You can interrupt some abilities or put a hero who’s overextending in a bad position. This will allow your team to kill that target a lot faster.


Overwatch 2 Brigitte Hero guide

Everyone interested in supporting ranking tips for Season 6 of Overwatch 2 knows that Brigitte is one of the best heroes. We’ve seen that her stats are impressive in competitive and quick play, so it’s no surprise that tons of people are using her on a daily basis.

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Brigitte’s a hero that is strong when used in certain combos. She is good when her team is playing aggressively, but you have to remember that Season 6 nerfed her shield a bit. Consequently, she can’t survive as much as before, so you need to be aware of your surroundings and position yourself properly.

Considering Brigitte’s passive healing, the longer she stays alive, the better. This means there’s no need to overextend just to do more damage because your team should have enough.


Illari Overewatch 2 credit: Blizzard Entertainment

As expected, Overwatch 2’s latest hero is incredibly strong. After it became available, the hero took over the Overwatch 2 ranked games and quickly became the most successful hero in the game. Blizzard reacted quickly and released a couple of nerfs addressing her abilities. Following the changes, she is more balanced than before, but continues to be one of the best.

Since we are talking about Support ranking tips for Season 6,  there are a few things you need to know about Illari. For example, it is a good idea to focus on doing damage in situations where your team really needs it because your turret does tons of healing on its own. It may seem strange and counter-intuitive, but this hero’s damage is like no other and she can easily rip through her enemies like a knife through butter.

It’s probably a good idea to focus on this hero now because Blizzard will make sure to nerf her again in the future. Illari is just too strong right now, so expect a lot of changes.


Overwatch 2

If you do not have access to Illari or you feel like the hero is just not worth it, you probably want to know more about Kiriko. The latter has become one of the most dominant Overwatch 2 Season 6 heroes because she is strong in pretty much all situations. That’s why most of the Support ranking tips for Season 6 regarding this hero will probably sound familiar to some of you.

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Kiriko is one of the supports that can also deal a lot of damage. In fact, she can often do more damage than some of the weaker DPS in Season 6. However, this doesn’t mean that she can’t heal a lot, so you can play defensively when needed.

With that said, most people prefer playing aggressively because the hero is really strong at doing damage. She can easily go in, try to land a headshot, and then teleport back. Of course, people using this tactic should try to hold on to their Suzu for as long as possible because this will allow them to cleanse themselves and become immune for 0.85s.

Kiriko is all about balance, and Season 6 is not an exception. While doing damage is fun and can be very rewarding, you also need to heal your tanks, especially in the beginning. That’s why you should be careful and adjust to the heroes you have to go up against. 



The last hero we want to talk about when discussing the support ranking tips for Season 6 is Zenyatta. The latter’s a pretty good support right not and has one of the best win rate in the game. 

To be honest, Zen is one of the most complex hero to play because of the lack of defensive abilities. However, people who know how to do damage and when to apply their Disrcord orb can be extremely dangerous. 

This hero is all about surprising one-shots and healing the enemy’s tank. The buffs to his melee damage a few updates ago mean that the hero can have some defense against those trying to dive it. However, he is usually weak, so you need to know how to position yourself when playing against some heroes. 

Overwatch 2: Support Ranking Tips For Season 6
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