Overwatch 2: Newest Hero Changes in the Mid-Season 5 Patch

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Overwatch 2: Newest Hero Changes in the Mid-Season 5 Patch

Listing the most exciting buffs in the latest Overwatch 2 Season 5 hero changes update.

With the 2023 Summer Games in full-swing, fans of Blizzard's team-based FPS will get to enjoy both new and familiar game modes in the Arcade while also getting an updated catalog in the Overwatch 2 shop. Other than this, the devs also decided to grace us with yet another round of balance changes, this time with damage mitigation in mind. But what do these changes mean? And will there still be ways to keep your favorite playstyle relevant?

The most noticeable changes coming to the game this patch are for the Tank and DPS roles, as the meta seems to be shifting favorably towards more aggressive tactics. With that in mind, let's dive into the newest hero changes to the Overwatch 2 Season 5.

Biggest Hero Changes in Season 5's Midseason Patch


Overwatch 2 Newest hero changes ramattra

The Null Sector leader has recently received a subtle improvement towards one of his abilities that many might've overlooked. Coincidentally, the same ability is the one that Ramattra players seem to be spamming the most.

The ability in question is Ravenous Vortex, a small projectile that creates a damaging slow field upon colliding with the ground. Starting today, the ability now passes through enemies.

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With this change, not only will the devs have addressed player complaints about accidental collisions, but they have secretly made his Annihilation combo much more potent.



Overwatch 2 Newest Hero changes Symmetra

Anyone who has played Overwatch for a long time knows how frustrating playing against a Symmetra can be. Most notably, her turrets can be a real pain for your team if you don't get rid of them quickly. Knowing this, the developers felt the need to reduce her turret damage from 40 >> 25 per second, but the damage loss still needed to be compensated.

As a consequence, the hardlight scientist's Photon Projector received a handful of power-ups in the same update, including damage boosts and a brand new healing mechanic that gives her 30HP/second whenever she damages a barrier or an enemy's shield health. Lastly, allies can now see targets damaged by your turrets.



If you've been dying too much to a certain Swede's turret lately, then we've got some good news for you. Both the DPS and cooldown for Torbjorn's infamous death machine have been effectively nerfed in the midseason 5 patch.

Furthermore, the developers decided to shift much of Torb's turret power to the rest of his kit. This resulted in the Swedish engineer's primary fire getting a tighter spread and additional 6 ammo every time he uses Overload.

Soldier: 76 

Overwatch 2 Newest Hero Changes soldier 76

Seeing as how the balance engineers wanted to avoid the 20 DMG powerspike which we saw at the beginning of the year, the Overwatch 2 team settled on bumping Soldier's DMG to 19 instead. Not only that, but they also made his Helix Rockets much more lethal with a 10 DMG buff. but that's not all.

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Apparently, the devs had an idea of Soldier: 76 mains lasting longer on the battlefield protecting their teammates, thus they boosted his Biotic Field's healing output from 35 >> 40HP/second.


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Overwatch 2: Newest Hero Changes in the Mid-Season 5 Patch
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