Overwatch 2: Everything New Coming to Season 4

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Overwatch 2: Everything New Coming to Season 4

Looking at the biggest reveals in the Season 4 trailer for Overwatch 2.

Celebrating half a year of going live, Blizzard released one of its most-awaited announcements for their RPG team shooter's 4th season. The trailer contained many cool surprises, including a sneak-peak at a certain hero's rework.

Overwatch 2 Season Four will begin on April 11, 2023.

Prior to the launch trailer, Lifeweaver's official gameplay trailer was released following a pretty massive leak. The inventor of Biolight controls the battlefield by summoning platforms and obstacles while healing allies from strategic positions. Overwatch 2 players will be able to play as Lifeweaver immediately after purchasing the Battlepass or after completing his Hero challenges.

Players will have a lot to look forward to in the coming months. Here's every major update coming to the game in Season 4:

More Lifeweaver Gameplay

A new Overwatch 2 season trailer wouldn't be complete without a hero spotlight! In the announcement trailer, Hero 36 confidently helps his team push through Eichenwalde's choke in style. Helping your team has never looked this good!

When Lifeweaver's hero abilities were revealed, plenty of players where skeptical when it came to his healing output. Season 4's new hero will be a challenging one to play effectively. On top of this, a lot of players are bound to use his platform and “Life Grip” skills to mischievous ends. If you want to know the best ways to maximize the Thai inventor in Competitive? Check out our hero guide here!

New Skins

The trailer ran through a slew of exciting skin bundles with never-before seen concepts, including an Omnic skin for everybody's favorite Wastelander duo. But what has everyone's looking forward to the most is Sigma's “Galactic Emperor” Mythic skin which took center stage in the showcase.

Sigma isn't the only hero getting the Warhammer treatment. It seems an entirely new 4v4 in-game event aptly named “Starwatch” will take players back to the iconic “Horizon Lunar Colony” map with a whole line of new space-themed skins.

New hero challenges will also reward players with free epic skins for Lifeweaver and Symmetra.

On the topic of cosmetics, awesome highlight intros were also used to show off the season's best. Synthwave Tracer was something we didn't know we needed.


Teased a while back, the brand new community-made “Talantis” map is finally going to be available in the live version starting April 25 to May 1. We didn't get a thorough tour, but the impressive scale of the underwater-themed playground and its winding paths give it a strong “Arcade mode” vibe. Just from the first look, you can already tell which edge you'll be booped off of!

On the subject of maps, the background used for Lifeweaver's announcement showed a pattern facade on the intricate stone towers of an unreleased map. By the looks of things, it's likely that Overwatch 2 players will visiting “The Land of Smiles” soon!

Brigitte Rework Sneak Peak

In the fast-paced trailer, it was hard to notice the Lindholm prodigy's brief appearance. To tease her next hero rework, the developers sneaked in a look at a new ability she'll be getting: tripling the size of her barrier!

Since her initial release, saying that her kit has needed some fine tuning would be an understatement. Bridgitte is probably the hero who has seen the most ability changes in the support role, save Mercy. Despite the developers being hard at work at more pressing issues plaguing the team-based shooter, it's nice to know that they found time to address the overall performance of Reinhardt's squire.

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Overwatch 2: Everything New Coming to Season 4
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