Overwatch 2: 5 Heroes to Avoid Playing in Overwatch 2 Season 3

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Overwatch 2: 5 Heroes to Avoid Playing in Overwatch 2 Season 3

The Overwatch 2 Season 3 is here, and with it, we got loads of changes that will have an effect on us while playing. Following our overview of the Season 3 hero changes, it became clear that some names will stand out, whereas others will have problems, at least in the beginning.

We’ve already covered 5 of the most promising heroes in Overwatch 2 Season 3, judging from what we’ve seen already. With that said, now it is time to check a couple of heroes that aren’t performing as well as before. Even though the new season has been out for a couple of days, it is easy to spot the heroes that feel weaker than before, so let’s check them out.



In case you’ve forgotten, Brigitte received a few minor buffs in the update before the arrival of Overwatch 2 Season 3. They definitely positively affected the hero because she became slightly stronger. Sadly, it seems like they weren’t enough because she continues to be one of the worst supports in the game.

Season 3 gave Brigitte 2 additional buffs. The first one is to her Repair Pack, which now heals instantly for 25 HP on impact and 50 over time (it was 55 before). Aside from that, the Overwatch 2 support hero also received a buff to Rally (her ultimate), which now costs 10% less.

The bad news is that even these buffs are not enough to make her a popular option. Although she is not that bad on paper, the lack of utility and the fact that other supports do more things means Brigitte continues to be one of the worst Overwatch 2 supports right now.



Despite the fact that many Overwatch 2 experts predict that dive combos will be a thing in Season 3, Doomfirst continues to be one of the weakest tanks in the game. He was Overwatch 2’s star for a couple of weeks in early S2, but following the nerfs, the hero is just not as good as he once was.

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When it comes down to the changes he got in Season 3, we didn’t see any buffs or nerfs, other than the HP difference. What’s interesting is that Blizzard fixed many of the bugs associated with the hero. For example, the issue where Doomfist spawned with an empowered punch if he died by the environment while blocking will no longer be a thing.

Doomfirst is not that bad right now because he has a solid damage output and the ability to kill enemies’ squishies. However, similar to the situation with Brigitte, there are just other heroes that are better at what he’s doing. Wrecking Ball, for example, is also an aggressive tank that deals the same, if not more damage, but he is way harder to kill and can make even more space for his team.


balance Overwatch hero Sombra holds a purple sphere of energy.

People who’ve been playing Overwatch 2 since the beginning know that Sombra is probably the most controversial hero in the game. She was extremely strong in S1 and the preferred hero for almost all DPS players. However, the nerfs that took place shortly after the game’s launch destroyed her, and she became one of the worst heroes in the game.

The Overwatch 2 developers realized their mistake and decided to buff her several times so that she could be competitive. However, the buffs aren’t enough to put her back on the map, which is why we think she’s one of the worst DPS heroes right now.

Following the changes in Overwatch 2 Season 3, Sombra’s Machine Pistol now deals 7.5 damage per projectile. As for Hack, using this ability on health packs will last 45s instead of 30s. These changes made the hero slightly stronger than before, but we don’t think they’re enough to make people like Sombra again.

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The agility hero Symmetra from Blizzard's Overwatch franchise

If we have to point out one DPS hero that hasn’t been that good in Overwatch 2 so far, it has to be Symmetra. She is definitely not a hero that works in every situation and on all maps, but people who know how to use her can potentially carry their team.

The bad news is that Overwatch 2 Season 3 did not bring any buffs to the hero. Even though we expected to see some kind of damage boost, in reality, Blizzard decided to increase Photon Barrier’s cost by 10%. In other words, this ultimate is even harder to use.

Symmetra is not that good right now because of the meta tanks. As mentioned, this hero is slightly more complex than the rest, which means she is not good against everything. The bad news is that heroes like Ramattra and Orisa are powerful against low-HP DPS heroes that need to be close, and Symmetra is among them.

Sure, she can kite the Tanks and maybe apply enough pressure, but the latter can deal insane amounts of damage and kill her in no time. In other words, people have to be really careful when it comes down to which heroes they play against. 



The last name on the list of some of the weakest Overwatch 2 Season 3 heroes is Zarya. Although there were times when she was among the best in the game, the nerfs to her bubble were too harsh, and she quickly faded away from the meta. Nevertheless, Zarya is one of the best counters to some of the best Overwatch 2 tanks, such as Orisa.

While it is true that Zarya can be useful on some maps because of her close-range capabilities, most players will prefer to have other tanks on their team. In other words, she is in a similar situation to some of the Overwatch 2 supports, such as Brigitte.

Overwatch 2: 5 Heroes to Avoid Playing in Overwatch 2 Season 3
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