Overwatch 2: 5 Heores That Need Buffs

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Overwatch 2: 5 Heores That Need Buffs

It’s safe to say that Season 3 of Overwatch 2 is probably the best one we have had in a while. Many players are happy with the current state of the game because the patch notes from a few weeks ago added some important buffs and nerfs. That said, the game isn’t perfect, which is why some people think certain heroes deserve buffs.

When talking about Overwatch 2 heroes, we’ve already covered some of the options you should focus on, depending on your rank. The names you can see there has a pretty good win rate in the specific bracket, which means most people using them win their games.

With that said, not all heroes in Season 3 are as good as they should be. We believe some of them deserve buffs, so let’s learn more about the names of those who should go through the process.



The first hero on the list is an Overwatch 2 tank that many people may have forgotten. The hero was the go-to option during Season 1, but after the numerous nerfs and buffs to other tanks, she is no longer a part of the meta. Despite that, Zarya is still one of the best counters to some of the strongest tanks, such as Orisa.

Considering Zarya’s current state, we expect to see some buffs from the hero in the upcoming days. With that said, Blizzard must be careful because even the most minor changes will most likely make the hero much more robust than she is. Hence, she can take over the meta. 


balance Overwatch hero Sombra holds a purple sphere of energy.

Speaking of heroes in Overwatch 2 that were incredibly strong before but aren’t as good now, we have to include Sombra. The latter was the strongest hero in the game in S1, and she dominated the meta across all skill brackets. However, this didn’t last long because several hotfixes in a row nerfed her to the ground.

Nowadays, Sombra is just a mere shadow of how powerful she was before. We’ve seen the Overwatch 2 devs talk about the fact that they will buff the hero in the upcoming months. Consequently, we expect to see a lot of positive changes.

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Cassidy Champions to Avoid in Diamond

When talking about Cassidy, we’d like to say that the hero is pretty strong right now. However, not everyone is a fan of his Sticky Grenade because they think the ability is not worth it. The people who play with the hero find it boring, whereas others think that it’s too strong because of the damage it deals.

Even though Cassidy no longer has any CC ability, this grenade allows him to burst targets really fast. What’s more, the ability itself doesn’t require that much skill, which is another thing some people aren’t fans of.

Some people might consider this to be a nerf, others will regard it as a buff. We will have to wait and see what will the Overwatch 2 devs come up with when it comes down to this hero. Who knows, we might see something like a new CC ability. 


The Overwatch 2 hero, Reaper, holds his gun at the ready

Despite Reaper being one of the best heroes in the Overwatch 2 beta, he hasn’t been the star of the show ever since. We’ve seen the hero in some skill brackets slightly more than in others, but he is just not that good right now. 

What’s strange is that many people expected Reaper to be the best hero in Overwatch 2 before the game came out because he is usually solid against tanks. Considering that tanks are incredibly important in OW2, we expected to see him a lot more than before.

However, things didn’t work as planned, which is why Reaper will need some kind of buff. Whether we’ll see a damage increase, additional movement speed, or an ability rework is still up in the air. 



During Overwatch 2 Season 2, there were a couple of heroes that were way better than the rest. It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that Roadhog was among them because he was the go-to tank in the meta. People from all skill brackets used him all the time because he had the potential to one-shot squishy DPS and Support heroes.

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Sadly, his one-shot capabilities didn’t last long because Blizzard decided to nerf him. The changes became live a couple of days before Season 3 and they made the hero way less powerful than before.

Nowadays, Hog can be useful in certain matchups, such as when playing against Ball. However, he’s not as big as he was a few weeks ago, meaning we expect to see some sort of buffs in the future. 


How to Play Hanzo

The last hero that’s not performing as well as some people would want is Hanzo. To be honest, this hero hasn’t been the go-to option during Season 1 or 2, so we expected to see a lot more from him in S3. Nevertheless, this wasn’t the case because the hero didn’t receive enough buffs.

Nowadays, Hanzo can only work in certain lineups, and the person who picks him needs to be really good. The hero doesn’t really benefit from the Overwatch 2 DPS passive that much. What’s more, his Storm Arrows just don’t seem as good as they were in Overwatch 1. Even though the nerf wasn’t that big, the hero experienced difficulties when it came down to bursting his targets.

Considering everything we’ve mentioned so far, it is highly likely to see some changes to Hanzo in the upcoming weeks. He is one of the fan-favorite heroes in Overwatch 2, so Blizzard will try to make him feel stronger.

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Overwatch 2: 5 Heores That Need Buffs
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