OverActive Media Announces MAD Lions VALORANT’s Entry into NA Challengers League

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OverActive Media Announces MAD Lions VALORANT’s Entry into NA Challengers League

A new challenger has entered Valorant's NA Challengers League, and we aren't mad about it.

OverActive Media is a global sports, entertainment, and media company that manages several esports teams, including Overwatch's Toronto Defiant, Call of Duty's Toronto Ultra, and the MAD Lions.

The MAD Lions were previously a prominent League of Legends and Counter-Strike organization. But after posting a loss of over 15 million dollars in 2021 and underwhelming performances from MAD Lions CS:GO, OverActive Media disbanded the MAD Lions Counter-Strike roster in April 2022.

It looks like OverActive Media has decided on MAD Lions' newest hunt for success in the world of esports: Valorant.

Will the MAD Lions take the world of Valorant by storm?
Image Source: MADLions_EN Twitter

OverActive Media released a press brief announcing MAD Lions VALORANT's entry into the NA VALORANT Challengers League today. OverActive Media has been busy behind the scenes and has recruited the entire Dark Ratio roster.

Dark Ratio consists of players Trick, Ange, drone, Will, ZexRow, and head coach, Jornen “MoonChopper” Nishiyama. Dark Ratio is a promising upcoming team, with solid performances last year, including a 1st place finish at Proving Grounds 2022: Unleashed. Most recently, Dark Ratio finished 3rd-4th in the VALORANT Challengers 2023: North America Split 1 – Open Qualifier several weeks ago.

MoonChopper has shown himself to be an extremely competent head coach. He spent two years as a coach for Cloud9 White and, throughout 2021 and 2022 guided the team through a string of 1st place finishes in the Game Changers North America Series.

Adam Adamou, Chief Strategy Officer, and Alyson Walker, Chief Commercial Officer, both expressed their excitement at joining the Valorant scene. They see it as a major opportunity to expand its popularity in the Canadian esports scene.

MAD Lions VALORANT will have a chance to prove themselves starting tomorrow at the North America Split 1. Let's see if OverActive Media's gamble will pay off.

OverActive Media Announces MAD Lions VALORANT’s Entry into NA Challengers League
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