OTK Valorant Invitational Overview

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OTK Valorant Invitational Overview

Are you interested in learning more about the OTK Valorant Invitational? Let’s dive in.

The OTK Valorant Invitation will be a big tournament for all Valorant fans because it will have numerous big players. OTK is short for One True King, which is one of the popular streamer organizations. The latter partnered with none other than Riot Games, which is why this tournament will be special. Speaking of the devil, the latter was supposed to take place on November 13, at 2 PM CST on Emily “Emiru’s” channel.

OTK Valorant Invitational Overview

When talking about the OTK Valorant tournament, it is important to know that the event will include all popular names from the Valorant streaming community. As for the tournament itself, here are a few important details to keep in mind:

  • There will be a total of 8 teams
  • 40 players will take part in the competition
  • There is a $10,000 prize pool

It probably goes without saying, but the OTK Valorant Invitation will include almost all of the top figures in the industry. The names you are about to see below will be the captains of each team, and as you can see, they are well-known in the Valorant community. In fact, let’s review each one.

OTK Valorant Tournament – Teams

These are the OTK Valorant Invitational teams and their expected captain:

  • Team Asmongold – Asmongold, Gracen, Angawrxd, Wake Wilder, Bean
  • Team Sykkuno – Sykkuno, Ludwig, PeterParkTV, Toronto, Kkatamina
  • Team Erobb221 – Erobb221, PSP1G, Dareon, Ryan Higa, Moxy
  • Team Nmplol – Nmplol, Pokimane, Russel, Buddha, Ahhhgabs
  • Team EsfandTV – EsfandTV, Valkyrae, Josh Seki, Phin, Shoto
  • Team Tectone – Tectone, Michael “ Sonii”, Yung Jeff, BryceUp, Wantep
  • Team Mizkif – Mizkif, Fuslie, vGumiho, Bnans, xChocoBars
  • Team ExtraEmily – ExtraEmily, Scarra, Sydeon, Disguised Toast, Mojito

Other OTK Valorant Invitational Informationn

Aside from the teams and players that will be a part of the vent, the OTK Valorant tournament will also include popular hosts, such as Kyadae and 39dapth.  In terms of the organizers, OTK (One True King) became a thing in 2020, and it is backed up by the likes of Mizkief, Rich Campbell, Tips Out, Asmongold, and EsfandTV.  The organization is behind a lot of big tournaments, including the likes of ELEVATED, The OTK Game Awards, Games Expo, and more.

At the time of writing this article, the tournament is in its final stage, and the final is between Team Tectone and Team Sykkuno. Even though most people are probably rooting for Tectone, the reality is that Team Sykkuno has been almost flawless so far, which explains why the betting odds are in their favor.

OTK Valorant Invitational Overview
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