Oscarinin and Advienne Joins Fnatic for the LEC 2023 Spring Split

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Oscarinin and Advienne Joins Fnatic for the LEC 2023 Spring Split

Fnactic officially announces their official roster for the spring split, as well as a familiar coach.

Fnatic's performance in the Winter Split suffered tremendously under the lack of planning and overall team cohesion. After only finding a single win in the Regular season, their losses prevented their advance into the Group stage and dashed fan hopes of seeing a revitalized Fnatic under Rekkles' leadership. With all the teams reorganizing and heading intro scrims before the next season, FNC had a long list of improvements to make, starting first and foremost with their team roster.

Amidst rumors about roster changes floating around online, the up-and-coming LEC contender has finally released the full details on the team's seasonal overhaul. In the official announcement, the team issued a sincere apology for their messy lack of coordination in Winter, named the new faces for the Spring team and promised a more concentrated effort to meet the fan's expectations moving forward.  Here's everything Fnatic plans on changing for a more victorious Spring Split.

Part of improving a roster is keeping high-value players and replacing the others while keeping the team's overall synergy in mind. Wanting to answer the question on every Fnatic fan's mind, the official post dropped the names of the new additions for next season, two of which will come straight out of the team's academy, “Fnatic TQ”. However, reforming the player roster wasn't going to be enough. In the EU team's eyes, a new team coach was also required if they were going to make these changes work. Here's the list of everyone joining FNC for the Spring Split:

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Óscar Muñoz ‘Oscarinin’ Jiménez – Top Laner

Fnatic Oscarinin Credit: Riot Games

Praised for his carry playstyle, Oscarinin's aggressive top-lane and roaming capabilities allowed him to be promoted to the main team. Given his skills, his name was already on the top of the list of candidates when unofficial reports of roster changes started to make the rounds of Twitter.

Looking at the stats, Oscarinin's intense “forwards-only” mindset in the academy team has given him the edge over other academy teams. Fighting for TQ in the 2022 SuperLiga, he's managed to maintain 1466 DPM (damage per minute) on Jayce, winning a fantastic match against G2 Arctic by a landslide. Considering that he's managed to dominate against the 2023 Winter split winner's best-trained, Fnatic's management didn't have to look very far for the best addition.

Henk ‘Advienne’ Reijenga – Support

Fnatic Advienne Credit: Riot Games

Advienne's general attitude as a player was a determining factor when he got picked for the support role. Fnatic's official announcement lauded the 25-year old for contributing “..a mature, level-headed, and vocal presence to the team”. Aware of the team's own shortcomings in its jungle control, Henk will be a dependable power player on the Rift for the new FNC roster. With an impressive track record, prior experience playing under Excel and a vision score that rivals T1's own support, other teams will need to keep an eye on Advienne for the games to come.

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Tomáš ‘Nightshare’ Kněžínek – Head Coach

Fnatic nightshare Credit: Riot Games

Nightshare will be bringing his expertise as a head coach to the brand new Fnatic team for the Spring Split. Contributing his years of experience as a coach, assistant coach and even a player, this LEC specialist aims to bring the FNC fans' vision of success for the European team closer as they prep in the off-season. Having worked with industry greats like Humanoid, Fnatic is pulling out all the stops to get the team a spot in Worlds 2023.

Many more details were revealed in an AMA livestream that started shortly after the announcement was released. Planning ahead, they went on record to express their efforts to avoid the same pitfalls that led to their embarrassing loss by building a more consistent picture for the next split. With a stronger commitment for improvement and recalibration, everyone from the operations lead to the players themselves will be striving to use the talent and opportunities they have to see better days in the LEC 2023 Spring Split.


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Oscarinin and Advienne Joins Fnatic for the LEC 2023 Spring Split
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