OMEGA League: Americas Open Qualifiers

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OMEGA League: Americas Open Qualifiers

Here's all the latest news about the hottest tournament of the summer.

Even though there are a few days until the event starts, more news about it is coming out on a daily basis. As you know, the Omega League is due to begin really soon, which is amazing because we will be able to see some of the best teams in the world.

After we learned about the EU qualifiers, it’s now time to take al look Americas. However, before covering the top teams, we have to talk a bit about the open qualifiers that were just announced

The qualifiers

The official OMEGA League: Americas will begin on August 17. Once that date arrives, we will get to see the Divine and Ancient Divisions which will feature the best teams from the regions. Nonetheless, we need to see the open qualifiers before we get the chance to watch the big event. What’s interesting about these qualifiers is that we will see some pretty interesting college teams. It’s really rare to see those kinds of teams in any event. However, due to the fact that everything is online, even teams get the chance.

The open qualifiers here will have three rounds. Those that manage to go to the final round will be fighting for a spot in the OMEGA league: Americas Divine Divison.

Don’t forget to watch this tournament because it’s definitely going to be worth it especially if you like high-quality Dota 2 games. Both Europe and Americas are amazing regions that deserve to be checked out. Needless to say, we'll cover all the most interesting series, so stay tuned for more info.


OMEGA League: Americas Open Qualifiers
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