OGA Dota Pit Minor 2019 Teams – Who made it?

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OGA Dota Pit Minor 2019 Teams – Who made it?

The OGA Dota Pit Minor 2019 will be a $300,000 prize pool Minor that will take place around two weeks from now. The main event will be hosted at the Spaladium Arena, in Split, Croatia, in April 2019. The winner will get the last slot for the MDL Disneyland Paris Major, which starts just a few days after the Minor.

All of the eight participants are now set, so let’s take a look at who made it.

North America – Forward Gaming

Forward Gaming is the only NA team that will fly to Croatia. They earn their spot by defeating 4Fats n 10ld, ggngg and J.Storm in a row without dropping a single game. Now they will have a second chance to go to Paris. Previously they lost to compLexity in the Major qualifiers.

South America – Pacific eSports

Even though many people thought that Infamous would be the one that will go to Croatia, the end result was very different. Pacific eSports was able to grab the SA spot after defeating SG e-sports, Team X and Thunder Predator in a row. This will be the first DPC event for the new team which will make them very interesting to follow.

Europe – Ninjas in Pyjamas &

Two Europeans teams will be fighting for the trophy at Dota Pit. The first one, as many people expected, is NiP. PPD and his team-mates had a fairly easy ride in the Upper Bracket, even though the series against Alliance was full with tons of back-and-forth actions as well as a couple of Rapiers.

The second slot goes to Madara and Co. Despite losing against NiP, Alliance were able to bounce back after several wins against SexyAsF, Kingdra and Goblin Legs.

CIS – Gambit Esports

As it was expected, the CIS slot will go to Gambit. Even though they are not doing that well in the Majors, they have had very consistent results when it comes to Minors. During these qualifiers, Gambit had to deal with Pavaga Junior, Na’Vi and Old But Gold. If they play their cards right this time, we might see them in the MDL Disneyland Paris Major

China – EHOME & RNGU

China, alongside Europe, is the only region that will have two representatives. This was the expected result simply because the teams from those regions have been performing very well recently.

The first Chinese team that secured their ticket for the Minor was Royal Never Give Up. They did it by sweeping through everyone in the Upper Bracket of the playoffs, including the second team that qualified – EHOME.

This was the first challenge ahead of EHOME after adding Ferrari_430 to their roster and so far it has been successful. Despite dropping the series against RNGU in the Upper Bracket, EHOME have risen from the ashes after defeating Newbee in the LB final. It’s important to remember that EHOME won the Bucharest Minor a few months ago, which gave them the ticker for the Chongqing Major. It will be interesting to see if this can happen again.

Southeast Asia – BOOM ID

They have done it again! The best team in Indonesia successfully ripped through their enemies in order to secure that single spot for the Minor. BOOM ID were definitely lucky because they were placed in the lower spots of the bracket. This means that they were able to “dodge” the big names here – TNC and Tigers. The final challenge was WG.Unity but BOOM showed great stamina and were able to quickly win two games.


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OGA Dota Pit Minor 2019 Teams – Who made it?
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