OG vs Nigma Galaxy Preview and Predictions – Dota 2 2023 WEU DPC Tour 2 Division I

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OG vs Nigma Galaxy Preview and Predictions – Dota 2 2023 WEU DPC Tour 2 Division I

OG and Nigma Galaxy are two of Western Europe’s top-tier Dota 2 teams. However, both haven’t had the best results lately, making the match between them a lot more interesting to watch. 


The OG vs Nigma series is always something that Dota 2 fans are eager to see because they are unpredictable. With that said, this series is even more important because both teams could potentially get relegated to Division II. Consequently, they will give everything they have to win the match.


All of the hottest betting sites for Dota 2 will offer this event, so let’s learn more about it. Don’t forget that ATF must play against his former teammates, making the match even more exciting.

OG vs Nigma Galaxy Preview

Following their most recent results, OG and Nigma are in a weird spot in the 2023 DPC WEU Division I. Nevertheless, they definitely have the needed players to explode at any minute and win.



Prior to the OG vs Nigma Galaxy clash, Bzm and the rest had 4 losses and only 1 victory. The team defeated Oorendoo Thunders but lost its matches versus Tundra, Liquid, Gaimin Gladiators, and Monaspa. Consequently, the team is last in Division I, at least for now.


Nigma Galaxy


There is no arguing that NGX is one of the teams with the best rosters in Western Europe’s Division I. However, the squad wasn’t able to live up to the expectations because it had 2 wins and 3 losses.


Nigma Galaxy lost against Entity, Tundra Esports and Liquid, but defeated Monaspa and Oorendoo Thunders. 

OG vs Nigma Galaxy Prediction


If we take a look a the h2h results between OG and Nigma from Tour 1, we can see that KuroKy and the rest won. However, this Nigma Galaxy vs OG match is extremely important for Yuragi and the rest. Hence, we think OG will take it.


Total maps


The previous OG vs Nigma Galaxy clash turned out to be a 3-game thriller, so we expect to see the same here. With that said OG hasn’t played 3 games in any of its series yet.


The Most Kills 


We expect BZM or Yuragi to be the players who will secure the most kìlls in the game as long as they win. However, if NGX is the better squad and takes this series, SumaiL will most likely shine because he’s among the best core players in the world right now.

The Most Deaths


Besides his many years of experience, KuroKy is known for being one of the go-to targets for enemy teams. Therefore, we expect him to have more deaths than any other player.


Match Duration


If we examine OG and Nigma’s previous matches, we can see that they aren’t that long. Therefore, we expect each map to take around 40 minutes.


Kills on Roshan per Game


If we assume that the OG vs Nigma Galaxy game will be around 40 minutes long, we can expect to have 2 or 3 Roshan kills. 

OG vs Nigma How to watch


If you want to watch the epic battle between these 2 powerhouses, you must tune in on March 27, 2023, at 22:00 EEST. Besides using the official Twitch channel, you can also watch the match on YouTube.


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OG vs Nigma Galaxy Preview and Predictions – Dota 2 2023 WEU DPC Tour 2 Division I
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