OG vs Monaspa Preview and Predictions – Dota 2 2023 EEU DPC Tour 2 Division I

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OG vs Monaspa Preview and Predictions – Dota 2 2023 EEU DPC Tour 2 Division I

Although most people expected OG to be among the favorites in the Dota 2 DPC 2023 WEU Tour 2, things didn’t seem as planned. With that said, it’s time for the OG vs Monaspa match, which will be incredibly important for both teams.

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If we take a look at the team’s results prior to the OG vs Monaspa match, we can see that bzm and the rest are in their best form right now. The young squad started with a loss against Tundra Esports, followed by another defeat. This time, Yuragi and co. failed to deal with Team Liquid. Luckily, the team ended Week 1 with a victory after defeating Oorendoo Thunders. 

OG only has 2 matches during Week 2, and it already lost one of them versus Gaimin Gladiators. Following the results, the team is in last place in Division I, meaning it has to win its match against Monaspa.


Speaking of the devil, most Dota 2 predictions don’t believe Monaspa has a chance against OG. However, the squad has had the same results so far, meaning it won’t go down without a fight. 

Before sharing more info about the OG vs Monaspa predictions, we need to mention the team started with a victory against Oorendoo Thunders. However, this was its only success because it lost 3 consecutive matches after that. Monaspa failed to deal with Entity, Gaimin Gladiators, and Nigma Galaxy.

Monaspa vs OG Predictions

Despite not being the hottest match of the week, the clash between these two powerhouses will give us access to a lot of betting markets. Naturally, some of them are more interesting, so here’s what to expect.


Although both teams have good chances of winning, the DPC 2023 WEU predictions lean towards OG. Bzm and the rest are in a difficult spot and have to win this match if they want to save themselves from relegation. Sadly, it won’t be easy because Monaspa is in a similar position.

Towers Destroyed

Considering both teams’ most recent results, we expect this to be a back-and-forth series where each game will last long. Consequently, we wouldn’t be surprised if there are more than 18+ destroyed towers in every game.

Who will get the most kills?


The player with the most kills will most likely be bzm because of his aggressive playstyle and the heroes he focuses on. However, Yuragi is also a solid option because he’s carried the team many times so far.

Who will get the most assists?

Taiga and DM are two of the players that will go head-to-head when it comes down to the most assists in the series against Monaspa. However, if we look at the latter’s previous matches, we can see that dEsire is also really active, so it will definitely be a close call.

Who will have the most deaths?

We think SsaSpartan from Monaspa will be the player with the most deaths. He’s the team’s position 5, meaning he’ll be the go-to target for OG’s hungry cores.

Match Length

When it comes down to the match length, most Dota 2 WEU Tour 2 Division I predictions think the games will be long. If we look at OG’s previous matches, we can see the team usually plays for over 40+ minutes, so we expect to see the same here.

OG vs Monaspa Preview and Predictions – Dota 2 2023 EEU DPC Tour 2 Division I
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