OG vs D1 Hustlers Preview and Predictions: DPC WEU 2023 Tour 3: Division I

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OG vs D1 Hustlers Preview and Predictions: DPC WEU 2023 Tour 3: Division I

OG vs D1 Hustlers will be the last series of the 2023 WEU DPC Tour 3 Division I.

If you want to know more information about the OG vs D1 Hustlers match, this is the prediction you need. These two teams will go head to head in their match of the 2023 DPC Tour 3 Division I in WEU. Both teams have equal results, but only of them will have to fight for its survival, so it will be interesting to see what will happen. Don’t forget to check some of the best Dota 2 betting sites if you want to learn more about it.

OG vs D1 Hustlers Preview

It’s safe to say both of these Dota 2 teams haven’t had the best results lately. Before the D1 Hustlers vs OG match, both have 2 wins and 4 losses. While most people expected this from the newcomers in Division I, OG was one of the favorites. However, it seems like the team will need to focus more if it wants to succeed.


OG was really close to elimination just a day ago. However, the team was able to bounce back and defeat Entity in the last match. This gave BZM and the rest a chance to survive in Division I and go up against D1 Hustlers. Winning here will allow the team to stay in the Division.

D1 Hustlers

Despite being the underdogs in the OG vs D1 Hustlers game, the latter has what it takes to win. This quad surprised a lot of its opponents, meaning it can deliver a nasty surprise and send Yurarigo and co. to the drawing board.

OG vs D1 Hustlers Predictions


Although D1 Hustlers have the needed motivation and skills to win this match, we think it will go in favor of OG. The latter has way more experience in such games and will probably win it.

This match will give us access to a Game 3

Even though it depends on the drafts, this is a series where we expect to see a game 3. Considering both need to win, it will be really interesting to see what will happen.

Can BZM score more than 10 kills?

BZM has proven to be OG’s leader in the last couple of months. Therefore, we believe he will carry this team to victory and secure more than 10 kills.

Who’ll win the first map

The first map in the OG vs D1 Hustlers series will most likely go in favor of the powerful WEU squad. However, this will depend on a lot of things.

Can OG win this match in under 40 minutes?

Even though this is a possibility, we think it is unlikely. D1 Hustlers are really good and will do all they can to win.

OG vs D1 Hustlers – Where to watch it?

If you want to watch this match in real time, you can tune in on June 4 at 22:00 EEST. To watch it live, head over to Twitch or YouTube.

OG vs D1 Hustlers Preview and Predictions: DPC WEU 2023 Tour 3: Division I
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