OG Removes ISSAA From CS:GO Roster

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OG Removes ISSAA From CS:GO Roster

OG makes the decision to remove Issa “ISSAA” Murad from the roster in an attempt to rebuild.

A few weeks ago, Nathan “NBK” Schmitt was benched from OG’s Counter-Strike team. Now, Issa “ISSAA” Murad has been removed from the operating roster as well. OG's roster changes are likely in response to the organization not making any remarkable achievements so far this year.

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When NBK was benched, attention was also brought to ISSAA and his play faced heavy criticism. OG currently only has three active players on its lineup and has been struggling since Flashpoint Season 2 back in December of 2019. ISSAA is Jordanian and would repeatedly experience high ping from his region while trying to compete. COVID has affected many players and ISSAA is no exception. His location is making it quite difficult for him to play in European tournaments.

ISSAA originally joined OG’s roster 15 months ago. Based on the statement released by the organization, his time with the team was positive overall. OG referring to ISSAA as “the Beast from the East” speaks to the energy and skill level he brought to the team, in what is being called a “mutual agreement” by OG.

The Jordanian player also released a statement revealing that he would be speaking up about his future plans “in the next few days”. It will be interesting to see how OG proceeds with scouting for new permanent players to join their roster and what ISSAA will be doing next.

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