“Not Going Anywhere”: Karrigan Eyes CS 2 Glory, No Retirement In Sight

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“Not Going Anywhere”: Karrigan Eyes CS 2 Glory, No Retirement In Sight

The veteran rifler wants to be one of the few players to enjoy success in three generations of Counter-Strike 

The legendary Finn “karrigan” Andersen has made it clear in a recent interview that retirement is not in his plans until he lifts a Counter-Strike 2 trophy. At the age of 33, karrigan stands as a remarkable presence in the CSGO scene, continuing to showcase his skills at the highest level. Following his team's quarterfinal exit at the Paris Major, he opened up about his post-tournament aspirations and offered insights into his plans for the future.

While FaZe Clan's exit from the Paris Major might have hinted at an impending end for karrigan’s career, the Intel Grand Slam gold medalist has dismissed such rumors. With determination in his voice, he revealed his continued commitment to the game, expressing his eagerness to embrace the CS2 pro scene and win a Major. 

“Obviously I wannabe one of the few players in the world to win Tier 1 trophies in three different games, so I’m not going anywhere! The plan is to re-sign (with FaZe) and grind a lot for the next Major.”

Having initiated his professional career in Valve's shooter game back in 2008, specifically in CS 1.6, karrigan's performance may not currently reach the heights of previous years. His vast experience and profound knowledge, nonetheless, undeniably play a crucial role in propelling any team he is a part of toward success. It is worth noting that he played a pivotal role in FaZe Clan's momentous victory in the Intel Grand Slam S4 just a few months ago.