NIP Legend Ponders CS2 Comeback

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NIP Legend Ponders CS2 Comeback

Patrik “f0rest” Lindberg, widely recognized as a NIP legend, is considering coming out of retirement to play competitive CS2

The impending arrival of CS2 has brought a renewed sense of enthusiasm and ambition within the CSGO community. This fervor has prompted Patrik “f0rest” Lindberg, the legendary Swedish Counter-Strike player, to contemplate a return to the competitive fold. In a recent live stream, f0rest openly expressed his intention to make a comeback and re-enter the competitive arena.

During one of his recent Twitch streams, f0rest announced his intention to make a triumphant return to the competitive scene. There was a hint of regret underlying his words, however, as he disclosed that despite his consistent commitment to daily gameplay, he has not received any offers from organizations. The Counter-Strike veteran candidly revealed his endeavors to secure a place in a new team during the player's break over the summer. Regrettably, his efforts have thus far proved fruitless, leading f0rest to believe that his chances of making a comeback are more distant than ever before.
How long will f0rest continue to look for a new team? f0rest said he is not sure how long he would be able “to keep the door open.”
Despite the challenges he currently faces, f0rest remains resolute in his belief that he has more to offer in the realm of Counter-Strike. He expressed his unwavering commitment to the game, stating that if given the opportunity to play professionally once more, he would wholeheartedly devote himself to leading his new team to glory.
f0rest started his competitive Counter-Strike career in the CS 1.6 era for da4ce. He would go on to become one of the best players of the CS 1.6 era and he maintained his excellent form once the CSGO era rolled in. He has won a handful of S-tier titles in CSGO for Ninjas In Pyjamas, including the ESL One: Cologne 2014, DreamHack Masters Malmö 2016, and Intel Extreme Masters XII – Oakland.


NIP Legend Ponders CS2 Comeback
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