NIP CEO Under Fire for Making Controversial Paris Major Sticker Joke

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NIP CEO Under Fire for Making Controversial Paris Major Sticker Joke

Ninjas In Pyjamas CEO Hicham Chahine drew backlash for a joke claiming there would be no Paris Major 2023 stickers

As fans eagerly anticipated the release of stickers for the upcoming BLAST Paris Major, the NIP CEO Hicham Chahine took to Twitter to make a bold announcement. In an attempt to reverse jinx the event, Chahine boldly claimed that there would be no stickers for the Major. Fans were left outraged by the statement, with many calling for an explanation.

The tweet went viral immediately, amassing nearly half a million views and more than 1200 likes at the time of writing. While some followers took it as fact, some realized that it was a joke and left their reactions in the comment section. Some of the comments were quite hilarious as well. 

Ryan Friend, the Editor-in-Chief of Dust2, offered a witty response to the NIP CEO's tweet, jokingly claiming that the stickers were destroyed by French unions during their protests.

Jacob Toft-Andersen, 100 Thieves' Senior Vice President of Esports, sought clarification on the tweet and wanted to know whether it had anything to do with Copenhagen Flames’ skin controversy. 

After realizing that many CSGO fans failed to get the joke, Chahine had to set the record straight and clarify that he has “no info” on when the stickers for the Major will drop.

Event-specific stickers can be a real money-maker for teams who make it to the top of the CSGO scene. Through in-game sales, cosmetic items can bring in big bucks. And if they're rare enough, they can go for a small fortune on the resale market.

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Even though there is no official release date, the BLAST Paris Major 2023 stickers are expected to drop soon.