Nigma Galaxy vs Ooredoo Thunders Preview and Predictions Dota 2 2023 WEU DPC Tour 2

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Nigma Galaxy vs Ooredoo Thunders Preview and Predictions Dota 2 2023 WEU DPC Tour 2

The battle in the WEU Dota 2 2023 DPC Tour 2 is fierce because every team wants to secure a top 4 finish and get a slot for the Major. Nigma Galaxy vs Ooredoo Thunders is among them, so it’s them to go head-to-head.

A quick overview of the hottest Dota 2 betting sites shows that users will be looking to place bets on Nigma Galaxy vs Ooredoo Thunders. Many people want to know more about this clash and what to expect, so let’s share a few words about them. This preview will also cover some of the most popular markets you can bet on. 

Nigma Galaxy

If we look at the Dota 2 DPC 2023 Tour 2 WEU Division I standings, we can see this team has one of the best rosters on paper. With players like KuroKy and SumaiL, NGX should have little to no problems against the rest. However, the team’s results so far don’t back it up.

Nigma Galaxy lost its series against Entity and Tundra during Week 1. Moreover, the team also failed to deal with Team Liquid in its opening match in Week 2. This means SumaiL and the rest are currently last in the WEU Division I Tour 2 and will have to fight for their survival.

Ooredoo Thunders

OT is one of the new Division I WEU teams after successfully earning its place in Division II. Despite that, the squad already impressed everyone by defeating Gaimin Gladiators, the team that won The Lima Major 2023.

Sadly, this was the team’s only successful because it lost against Monaspa and OG. This week, OT has to go up against Tundra Esports before facing Nigma Galaxy. 

Dota 2 WEU DPC Division I Nigma Galaxy vs Ooredoo Thunders Predictions 

People often need Dota 2 predictions before betting, so we’ll try to cover some of the most popular markets. However, always conduct your own research before wagering because it is risky.

Match Winner

Choosing a winner here is very difficult because both teams have equal chances of winning. Even though Ooredoo Thunders have better results, we think Nigma will take this because the team has to win the match to keep its chances of surviving in Division I.

Who Will Have the Most Kills?

There is no arguing that SumaiL is NGX’s biggest star right now. The player has been really good recently, so he should be the one with the most kills. However, Ammar is also a name to keep an eye on.

Total Kills


Considering that both teams like using aggressive lineups, we expect to see a lot of kills in each game. If you decide to pick the “Over” market while betting, we wouldn’t be surprised if we see more than 60 kills per game. However, one of the teams might stop the other in one of the games, so there could be exceptions.

Who will have the most assists?

When it comes down to assists, our pick is GH. The TI-winning Position 4 player is among the best supports in the Dota 2 2023 DPC Division I WEU and is famous for being amazing at ganking. So, if NGX is to win, GH will most likely have more assists than the rest.

Who will have the most deaths?

If we have to choose a player with the most deaths, we’ll go for KuroKy or Kaori. Both are the position 5 players of their respective teams, meaning they’ll most likely have way more deaths than the rest. 

Towers Destroyed

Although OT likes going for drafts that focus on pushing fast, we don’t expect to see that many towers destroyed. With that said, both teams should be able to destroy at least 8 towers in total.

Roshan Kills

Nigma is definitely the team that will try to secure more Roshan kills. All of the cores they focus on need this item to be successful. 

Nigma Galaxy vs Ooredoo Thunders Preview and Predictions Dota 2 2023 WEU DPC Tour 2
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