Newbee & Mr. Game Boy Announce Roster Changes

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Newbee & Mr. Game Boy Announce Roster Changes

The Chinese organization Newbee has just announced roster changes to both of their teams – Newbee and Mr. Game Boy.

This was expected, especially for Newbee, because they have been a mere shadow of their former glory in this years’ DPD season. The Chinese team was just unable to cope with the new meta. Currently, they have little to no chance to qualify for TI 9.


Newbee Roster Changes

For the upcoming MDL Disney Paris Major, Mr.Game Boy’s offlane player awen will be transferred to Newbee. In addition, their former coach Shansheng will also make his return as a 5th position support.

The current lineup from 1 to 5:

Carry: Newbee. Moggy (Han Xu)

Mid: Newbee. Sccc (Chun Song)

Offlane: Newbee. awen (Lipeng Wen)

Supports: Newbee. Waixi (Chao Yan)

Newbee. Sansheng (Zhaohui Wang)

Mr. Game Boy

Mister Game Boy Roster Changes

Newbee's second team, Mr. Game Boy, has also undergone roster changes. The former Newbee.Y carry Fonte is joining the team for the upcoming Major. MGB’s current carry player Jiajia is moving to the offlane in order to make room for the carry spot.

MGB will be competing in the Chinese qualifiers for MDL Paris which start tomorrow.

The current lineup from 1 to 5:

Carry: MGB.Fonte(Xingyu Lai)

Mid: MGB.Ferrari_430 (Feichi Luo)

Offlane: MGB.Jiajia (Lijia Tan)

Supports: MGB.Catyou (Xiaolei Tang)

MGB.Faith (Hongda Zeng)


In order to secure your spot for MDL Paris, you have to register for the Open qualifiers on FACEIT. Click on the link from the tweet above to learn more information about it.

Images VIA: Newbee

Newbee & Mr. Game Boy Announce Roster Changes
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