NAVI Javelins Win Female 2023 Gamers Without Borders Championship

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NAVI Javelins Win Female 2023 Gamers Without Borders Championship

The Natus Vincere women’s CSGO team go all the way in the charity championship 

The NAVI Javelins, the Natus Vincere women's wing, have clinched the Gamers Without Borders Female 2023 title. The girls' remarkable achievement earned them a generous donation of $1,000,000 for charity. The NAVI Javelins women's team secured a flawless victory in the final, defeating the NIP Impact team with an impressive 3-0 score.

It was an epic final for the NAVI Javelins, who took on the NIP Impact team across three grueling maps, with the first map, Ancient, proving to be a nail-biting experience as NAVI clinched it with a 19-17 score!

The following map was played on Vertigo, which also went in overtime, but the Javelins once again had the last laugh in a 19-16 victory. 

Since it was a best-of-five battle, NAVI Javelins had to win another map to secure the title. The teams played out another intense round Counter-Strike, this time on Ancient, but Javelins were the last team standing in a 16-13 thriller. 

NAVI Javelins will donate their $1,000,000 prize money to charity. The tournament’s entire $2,500,000 prize pool, in fact, will go to charity. Each participating organization can nominate its charity organization of choice for receiving its share of the prize pool.