Na’Vi Dismantles AVANGAR 2-0, Cementing Major Legend Status

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Na’Vi Dismantles AVANGAR 2-0, Cementing Major Legend Status

Na’Vi become Legends with a 2-0 win over Avangar.

With Renegades advancing over Team Vitality, IEM Katowice’s next advancement match featured two CIS teams. Natus Vincere and AVANAGAR would go to 2 maps, with the veteran squad Na’Vi taking the match and Major Legend status off the back of it. Let’s hop into the recap.

Map 1 Dust 2 (AVANGAR PICK)

Dust 2 started off with an AVANGAR T-side pistol win. Ali “Jame” Djami took 3 with the Glock, including the round-winning 1v1 against Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev. AVANGAR followed up the pistol round by winning the two follow-up rounds to put them up 3-0 on their T-side. Despite losing the pistol, Na’Vi’s raw firepower was in full effect on the duel-heavy Dust 2, ending their CT side on an 11-1 run. The halftime score was 11-4 in favor of the veteran squad.

In full CIS CS:GO fashion, AVANGAR often left too little time on the clock at the end of a round to make it to a bomb site. Unfortunately for the upstarts, Na’Vi capitalized on this repeatedly, denying round-loss money to saving Terrorist AVANGAR players several times in the first half.

AVANGAR managed to pick up their second pistol of the map on their CT side. Unfortunately, Na'Vi immediately reset them the on the force-buy. AVANGAR traded back on round 3. Consequently, the ensuing force-buy war wouldn’t end until AVANGAR was broken in round 20. Na'Vi won the map, 16-6.

Egor “flamie” Vasilyav led Natus Vincere with a massive 26/5/10 K/D/A and 123 ADR.

Map 2 Train (Na’Vi Pick)

Natus Vincere took control early, winning their T-side pistol round. AVANGAR won round 3 off the back of a force-buy, managing regaining some control on their CT side. Despite being Na'Vi's pick, CT side of Train was dominated by AVANGAR for the first 8 rounds. Na'Vi finally picked up a third round off of a cheeky flank by Na'Vi, and AVANGAR was reset on the following round. As a result, Na' Vi managed to claw back into their T-side, ending the half up 8-7.

After halftime, AVANGAR set the tone for the rest of their aT-side by taking risky Glock duels and winning them all at the B bombsite.  Despite the pistol win, AVANGAR was decimated by a s1mple-led Scout attack and two Five-Seven kills from Denis “electronic” Sharipov on the second round force-buy.  AVANGAR looked like they were out of options by the time they were down 12-8. Fortunately,  a quick rally cut Na'vi's lead to 13-11.

Unfortunately for AVANGAR, Na'Vi would close it out on an electronic multi-kill and would take the map 16-11.

Final Score: Natus Vincere 2-0 (D2 16-6, Train 16-11)

This win puts Natus Vincere through to the Legends stage, joining Astralis, Team Liquid, and Renegades. AVANGAR will have to win a Best of Three decider match to stay in the tournament.

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Image VIA: IEM Katowice and Natus Vincere

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