Na’Vi Announces Rainbow Six Siege Roster Changes

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Na’Vi Announces Rainbow Six Siege Roster Changes

An update has been made to NAVI’s Six Siege team in the 2021 European League.

Starting March 18, Natus Vincere's Rainbow Six Siege team will have two new players for the European League 2021. Both Nathan “Nathan” Sharp and Rickard “Secretly” Olofsson will be joining NAVI’s roster.

Nathan is a huge talent in the British R6 pro esports realm. He earned over 7K in prize winnings when beating Na'Vi with MnM Gaming in the finals of the UK & Ireland Nationals.

Secretly has been playing professionally for five years now, since he started back in 2016. In the last three seasons of the Pro League, he has consistently demonstrated solid gameplay. He demonstrated impressive talent when he won the Nordic Championship last year when playing with Chaos Sports Club.

With the addition of two new members, another announcement was made. Joe “Joe” Crowther will be benched after finishing the UK Ireland Nationals Season 2.

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