nAts Is Officially an Unrestricted Free Agent

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nAts Is Officially an Unrestricted Free Agent

After months with M3C, nAts has gone his own way and become a free agent.

Since the conflict between Russia and Ukraine began in February, the Russian Gambit Esports has been unable to participate in Valorant tournaments due to imposed sanctions. Their roster of players has been able to compete under the independent M3 Champions team.

Several weeks ago, nAts announced that he and his Valorant teammates under Gambit Esports had parted with the organization but would continue competing as the M3C team. That is now no longer the case. The talented young pro has announced that he has parted ways with M3C and is now an unrestricted free agent.

nAts had this to say: “A new chapter to be started. This day is either happy or sad but it’s time to announce that me & Redgar, Sheydos, Chronicle, Engh, Gray and Kayos are free agents now. In the upcoming tournament, we (incl. Jady ) will play as a M3C. As a 6th player, we have purp0. A special big thanks to GambitEsports for contributing so much effort to each of us.
It was a great honor to be a part of such an amazing organization. No doubt, it was nice to be part of a solid team sharing together victories and defeats. Huge thank you.”

nAts seeks new home

Riot Games has disclosed more information on how the revamped Valorant Champions Tour will work. They have also illustrated a path for T2 teams to make it to the main stage. While they have alleviated most concerns people had about their franchising decision, spots will still be quite limited.

2023 is going to be a make-or-break year for Valorant Esports. The new franchise league will be in place, and competition is sure to get fierce. For any Valorant pro looking to solidify themselves in the space come next season, it makes sense to start looking for a franchise to represent.

M3C is coming off a stellar performance in the VCT EMEA Last Chance Qualifiers, placing second behind Team Liquid. The rising star nAts is arguably one of, if not the hottest free agent in EMEA right now. The Valorant offseason is sure to be an interesting one.

nAts Is Officially an Unrestricted Free Agent
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