NA Org Cancels Accommodation for LOUD at the Last Minute

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NA Org Cancels Accommodation for LOUD at the Last Minute

A North American team didn’t give any prior warning before they canceled accommodation plans for LOUD’s players as the Brazilian squad visits for VCT.

VCT Americas is only a few days away, and Brazil and Latin America teams have already arrived to play in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, LOUD had to face accommodation issues as the team’s captain, Matias “Saadhak” Delipetro, points out that a North American team canceled plans with the Brazilians last minute.

Pedro Mitke, a Brazilian eSports journalist, revealed the news and quoted Saadhak’s frustration. In that statement, Saadhak claimed to have contacted someone from “a very large organization” who confirmed accommodation for LOUD. The team was confident of office and accommodation as they traveled on 17  March when the NA organization canceled the plans out of nowhere. “From nowhere. Then there was a desperation. And we started to go after many options.” – Saadhaak disclosed to Mitke.

In another instance, Saadhak said the North American team who denied housing and office last minute wasn’t a franchised organization. On top of all these issues, the new location LOUD picked out of desperation suffers from internet issues, and the Brazilian squad may have to move again.

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