MultiVersus Season 1 + Rick & Morty Release Dates Announced

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MultiVersus Season 1 + Rick & Morty Release Dates Announced

We've finally received confirmation on MultiVersus Season 1 and the release of a particular fan-favorite duo.

Published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and developed by Player First Games, 2022 is the year of MultiVersus. It shattered records for peak player figures of a freshly-launched title and Twitch viewership records. MultiVersus has outperformed established fighting games like Tekken 7 and Smash online. 

Here Comes A New Challenger

MultiVersus had an incredible first showing at EVO 2022, with a massive base prize pool of $100,000. It proved that even in its infancy, it's more than capable of being on the biggest stage in fighting games. MultiVersus also reached the 10 million player milestone in several weeks.

And bear in mind that MultiVersus has been out for less than a month. 

There's a lot of room for MultiVersus to improve upon what it already does well. The roster could do with more meat on its bones, and more game modes are always a plus. Player First Games heard, and Player First Games is delivering. 

Last week, Player First Games announced delaying the release of the anticipated Season 1 of MultiVersus and Rick & Morty characters. They didn't give a reason, but it doesn't matter because the show is kicking off next week!

Battle Pass Incoming

MultiVersus' Twitter account announced that Season 1 goes live on August 15. As expected, Season 1 will introduce a Battle Pass to MultiVersus. The Battle Pass will allow players to earn in-game rewards. What these rewards will remain to be seen, but considering the colorful cast of characters in MultiVersus, I'm sure the developers are having fun with it.

Rolling Update

Also announced was the official release date for Rick & Morty on August 23. The developers indicated that everything Season 1 has to offer won't be released at once. Instead, they will roll out new game modes and content throughout Season 1. 

MultiVersus is striking the pan while it is hot. Stay tuned to ESTNN for more news on what's coming in Season 1 of MultiVersus. In the meantime, check out the VOD for the MultiVersus tournament at EVO 2022

MultiVersus Season 1 + Rick & Morty Release Dates Announced
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