“Muj” Departs FUT Esport’s 6th Position With High Hopes

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“Muj” Departs FUT Esport’s 6th Position With High Hopes

Muj bids farewell to FUT Esports after a productive year as his contract expiration paves his path to new horizons in esports

Muj embarked on his journey in March 2022, becoming an integral part of the FUT roster. Hailing from BBL Esports, he joined FUT on loan, swiftly showcasing his prowess in virtual battles. His addition bolstered FUT's competitive standing, significantly impacting Split 2 of VRL Turkey. This partnership led to a national championship victory and the crowning glory of the VRL Finals championship in the same dynamic year.

FUT Esport's 6th Muj Has Been Released

Born on October 24, 2001, Serhat “Muj” Yüksel is a Turkish esports athlete whose most recent endeavour was with FUT Esports. As his journey with the organizations comes to a close, a new chapter begins. His contract's expiration signals the start of fresh opportunities in the esports landscape.

While Muj's appearances for FUT were primarily witnessed in events like the Red Bull Home Ground, where his pivotal role played a crucial part in securing qualification for the prestigious Manchester LAN, his influence extended beyond. Notable instances include his contributions to the ESA Open Fire All Stars and FUT's inaugural VCT EMEA match against Team Liquid. Despite moments on the sidelines, the imprint of his contributions endured.

His departure ushers in a transitional phase for the organization. He is not the solitary figure facing contract expiration; Buğra “MOJJ” Kiraz's contract is also poised to conclude this year. In line with the VCT Roster Construction Rules, all contracts are slated to reach their conclude by September 11, as detailed in the VCT Global Contract Database.

Muj himself took to Twitter to share the news, expressing his gratitude to FUT's management and technical team, with a special acknowledgement to @csunnetcioglu. While voicing his preference for the Duelist role, he highlighted his adaptability to any agent, underscoring his versatility.

About FUT Esports

Formerly known as Futbolist, the organization has emerged as a significant presence in the competitive Valorant scene. With an all-Turkish lineup, they achieved impressive feats, including securing third place in the VCT EMEA Playoffs. Their journey extended to Masters Tokyo, where they earned a coveted playoff spot, making history as the first Turkish team to achieve such recognition internationally.

FUT Esport’s 6th Position "Muj" Departs With High Hopes
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The organization holds a prominent position in Turkish esports. They entered the Valorant scene in October 2020 with the acquisition of their first player, LOL-. The organization's reach spans across various gaming titles, including PUBG, Hearthstone, FIFA, and Wildrift. As Muj embarks on a new phase in his esports journey, his legacy with FUT will undoubtedly reverberate within the competitive arena.

Furthermore, FUT Esports stands as a formidable contender in Valorant esports. In recent times, they participated in 5 matches, winning 2, resulting in a commendable rise of 25 positions in the rankings. Their most recent engagement took place at the VCT tournament on August 18, 2023, facing Fnatic in a match that ended in a 2:0 loss. Presently ranked at #45 in the Ensiplay Valorant Ranking with an Ensi.Score of 1535, the organization is currently grappling with a 2-game loss streak. Their win rate in the last 10 matches stands at 40.00%. The current team's Valorant lineup remains a topic of intrigue, with the team participating in 24 matches throughout the year, showcasing their unwavering commitment to competitive excellence.


“Muj” Departs FUT Esport’s 6th Position With High Hopes
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