Motivate.Trust Gaming Claims Victory At Dota 2 Summit 13: SEA

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Motivate.Trust Gaming Claims Victory At Dota 2 Summit 13: SEA

Here is what happened in the Grand Final of this amazing event.

Among Us and Motivate.Trust Gaming (“MTG”) were the two teams that managed to reach the Grand Final of the Dota Summit 13: SEA event. Both of them played exceptionally well so far, which is why it was difficult to predict what would happen.

Even though Among Us really wanted to take revenge after their previous loss, their efforts were not enough to bring down the mighty MTG, despite destroying BOOM Esports in the Lower Bracket Final.

The series

MTG is definitely the biggest surprise for the Dota 2 scene in the last couple of months. They've won every series so far which is why they looked really confident in the first game of the series.

Among Us tried to fight back, but MTG’s pressure was just too hard to deal with, meaning AU had no chance but to face defeat and prepare for the second game of the series. Unfortunately, it also didn’t go in their favor, despite picking good heroes.

The laning stage was a complete disaster for them. Needless to say, MTG took full advantage of this and claimed the second victory in this series. With just one game away from winning the event, Souliya “JaCkky” Khoomphetsavong and his teammates played even better in game three.

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They absolutely crushed their enemies during the laning stage and started to pressure them around the map. Of course, Among Us tried to fight back, but they just didn’t have the strength to defend themselves. Therefore, they lost the game, as well as the series.

As much as they wanted to take revenge for their loss in the Upper Bracket, AU couldn't do it. Sadly, this was Park “March” Tae-won’s last professional game as a player. As you may know, he will head over to T1, where he will take the coaching role.

Motivate.Trust Gaming Claims Victory At Dota 2 Summit 13: SEA
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