Most Viewed BLAST Premier Spring Final 2023 Match Revealed

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Most Viewed BLAST Premier Spring Final 2023 Match Revealed

Which one was the most viewed BLAST Premier Spring Final 2023 match? Read on to find out 

Eight CSGO powerhouses participated in the recently concluded BLAST Premier Spring Final 2023 between June 6-11. Heroic finally ended their streak of Grand Final losses and lifted the trophy in front of a cheering Entertainment & Sports Arena crowd in Washington DC, USA. 

The Grand Final was a rematch of the IEM Rio 2023 Grand Final as Heroic and Vitality once again faced off as the last two standing. While the Danes ended up on the losing side in Brazil, they redeemed themselves with a 2-1 win against the French outfit in BLAST Premier Spring Final Grand Final. 

In any tournament, the Grand Final usually generates the highest interest. That, however, was not the case in the BLAST Premier Spring Final 2023. The epic finale between Vitality and Heroic was one of the most-watched matches in the tournament, but it was not the one with the highest viewership numbers. 

The semifinal bout between champions Heroic and Imperial drew the most number of eyeballs, as per Esports Charts analytical service. Imperial entered the tournament as underdogs but they produced an impressive display to book a place in the semifinals. The Brazilians took a stern test of Heroic's abilities, but Casper ‘cadiaN' Møller's men prevailed in an overtime battle on Nuke to ensure a hard-earned 2-1 series victory. 494,135 people tuned in to watch Heroic and Imperial battle it out for a grand final spot. 

It's worth noting that the Grand Final isn't the second match on the list either. The second most-watched match of the BLAST Premier Spring Final 2023 also featured Imperial. It was the group A match between Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo's team and G2. This match ranked as the second most popular in the tournament, with a peak viewership of 431,919. This match took place right after Imperial's upset victory against Paris Major champions Vitality. It's possible that this contributed to the heightened interest in Imperial's second match.

The grand final ranks third with 357,738 viewers. Vitality’s opening-day loss against Imperial was watched by 327,862 spectators online. Cloud9 vs Vitality caps off the top five, which attracted 272,882 viewers. 


Most Viewed BLAST Premier Spring Final 2023 Match Revealed
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