Most Effective Valorant Agent Comp on Split in 2023

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Most Effective Valorant Agent Comp on Split in 2023

Rank up faster by running this agent comp on Split

Valorant offers players several possibilities when it comes to team compositions, thanks to its diverse roster of 22 agents. With each of the nine maps having unique features, players can explore a multitude of agent combinations. 

Split, one of the three maps to get launched in the closed beta, is known for being arguably the most defense-sided map in Valorant. During the recently concluded Masters Tokyo event, the map was played 9 times and had the 2nd highest win rate (53%) on defense, only behind Haven.

Agent Comp on Split

Credit: Riot Games

The map was reworked several times since the initial days in order to make it more attack-friendly. With each patch bringing modifications to the map, the meta for the ideal agent comp also undergoes a change. Most recently, when Split made its return to the active map pool, a significant update was implemented, reflecting the developers' efforts to create a more balanced and engaging gameplay experience.

In the current meta of the game, here’s what we think is the best agent comp on Split:

Best Agent Comp on Split

  • Duelist #1 – Jett
  • Duelist #2 – Raze
  • Controller #1 – Astra
  • Controller #2 – Viper
  • Initiator – Skye

Based on compositions used by professional teams, the best agent comp on Split is two duelists, two controllers, and a single initiator.

The Split map presents a unique opportunity for the utilization of a double-duelist composition, which is uncommon in a game Like Valorant, where information gathering is of utmost importance. The Japan-based map is an exception due to it being heavily defense-favored. The abundance of strategic choke points and the overall compactness of the map make it extremely advantageous to operate with two duelists, enabling the team to capitalize on these factors effectively.

Opting for two controllers instead of a Sentinel is a strategic decision driven by the unique characteristics of the Split map. Its highly defense-oriented nature reduces a Sentinel's need to hold sites. By choosing two controllers, the team gains significant flexibility during attacks while maintaining a solid defensive presence.

Agent Breakdown

Keep up with us as we show you the Masters Tokyo pick rate of each agent and break down their roles on this map:


  • Agent Pick Rate: 78%

Like most other maps, Jett is an automatic choice on the Split agent comp. You need as much aggressive utility as you can without compromising other roles, and Jett, with her agility-focused abilities, gives you just that. Her playstyle revolves around leveraging her signature abilities, Tailwind and Updraft. If set up with proper utils, Jett has the potential to create crucial space that, if capitalized adequately, can turn the tide of a round.

On Split, Jett assumes the role of engaging opponents early on, especially with the OP. Even without the sniper, she can also be deadly with the rifle, provided she is well-supported by a teammate. Despite her ability to get away instantly with her dash, It is always a mistake to ask the Jett player to take the early fight by herself. Skye should initiate the play using her utilities to enable Jett's engagements and ensure successful trades when necessary.

When it comes to attacking on Split, Jett’s job is the same old site entry. Both A and B sites of Split can be easily infiltrated with Jett dash. Even the mid-section of Split can be exploited hard with Jett. You can either execute a perfect B-split with it or secure the crucial Vents control.


  • Agent Pick Rate: 83%

If you plan to play one duelist instead of two on Split, Raze is your go-to agent. Raze’s explosive utilities are just the perfect fit for a map like this one. Similar to Jett, Raze is a duelist with movement ability. Despite lacking Jett's kill-and-evade potential, Raze's satchel jumps prove to be even more effective for entry-fragging.

Raze's exceptional effectiveness on Split is primarily due to the map's design. As one of the smaller maps with numerous tight corners and confined spaces, Split plays to Raze's strengths. Therefore, Raze’s nade, which does massive area damage, is of great use. The same goes for her ult. A well-timed activation makes it highly challenging for enemies to escape to safety.

Another lethal combination you can try on Split is the Judge+Raze combo. The Judge is already a broken gun. In the hands of Raze, it becomes a nightmare to deal with both in defense and attack. On Defense, the usefulness of the Judge is a given. As for Attack, using her Paint-shells and Boombot, you can create huge space for yourself and get to the angles which are perfect shotgun range.


  • Agent Pick Rate: 100%

We have chosen Skye as the sole initiator for the agent comp on Split. The Australian, in the current meta, is an S-tier agent. She is clearly the most versatile initiator on the roster with her multi-faceted toolkit. Her abilities are a unique combination of healing, flashing, and scouting capabilities.

With such a wide range of utils, Skye is a no-brainer on Split. Each of Skye's utility tools proves valuable in various scenarios throughout the map. The Trailblazer (Dog) allows for clearing numerous angles on both sites, facilitating quick site pushes or retakes. Her dog is not the only scouting ability of the Australian agent. While it might be the easiest flash in the game to dodge, The Guiding Lght has the unique characteristic of giving you intel on enemies’ presence.

All in one, Skye's role as a support agent on Split is vital, providing assistance to the duelist players and maximizing their impact on all parts of the map.


  • Agent Pick Rate: 72%

Another under picked agent that can be a great addition to the agent comp on Split. Despite experiencing a significant nerf, Astra remains a formidable agent that is often overlooked by teams in most maps due to the availability of stronger alternatives in the current meta. However, Split is an exception in this case. While in this team comp another controller supports her, she possesses the versatility and capability to act as the sole controller, effectively fulfilling all necessary roles on both defense and attack.

Astral Smokes can be deployed the fastest in the game. It is instrumental in a map like Split, where it is harder to obtain early info. Her other abilities, Gravity Well and Nova Pulse are among the game’s best abilities. For example, you can play Split A site and stop a rush with your pull on the B site. 


  • Agent Pick Rate: 72%

After the latest Nerf to Viper, her pick rate has dropped at the top level. However, there are still a few maps where Viper continues to be chosen by teams, and Split is one of them.

Viper is different from other controller agents. She is more of a secondary controller with characteristics akin to those of Sentinel agents. With her Snake Bites and toxic fuel-based smokes, she can hold a site almost as good as a KJ or a Cypher.  In the absence of a dedicated Sentinel agent in our team composition, Viper becomes an excellent choice for the defensive side on Split, fulfilling the role of a site defender and shutting down rushes.

On the attacking side, Viper’s utils are great for facilitating the team’s attack. The fact that she is a secondary controller does not mean that she cannot provide smoke coverage on the sites alone. The Toxic Screen can be used to block out the Ramps and Heaven of A site completely. You can ask the other controller to smoke off Screens or put the Poison Cloud there using a lineup. The same goes for the B site, with her wall blocking B-heaven. 

One of the key usefulness of Viper on Split is her Ultimate. Considering how small the sites are, the Viper’s pit will cover the whole of it, making it near impossible for the enemy to enter. Last but not least, the Snake Bites is the most abused molly in the game. Combining them with the Poison Cloud makes the defusal of the Spike near-impossible on all maps, and Split is no different.

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Most Effective Valorant Agent Comp on Split in 2023
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