moses Believes Stewie2k Will Have To Start From Scratch Upon CSGO Return

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moses Believes Stewie2k Will Have To Start From Scratch Upon CSGO Return

Jake “Stewie2K” Yip's former coach warns him that a professional CSGO return could be harder than he thought

Jake “Stewie2k” Yip hinted earlier this week that he is open to a CSGO return, but his former coach, Jason “moses” O’Toole, says he would have to start from scratch to regain his worth. 

Stewie2k's potential return has been a hot topic in the CSGO community over the past few days, so moses, who coached the player during his Team Liquid days, shared his thoughts about it in the latest HLTV Confirmed episode. 

What Did Moses Say About Stewie2k’s Return?

“The question with Stewie is if it’s something where his heart and head will be in the competition,” moses expressed his doubts over Stewie2k's commitment to the game.

 “He’s going to have to start from the bottom again and he’s going to have to reprove his worth within the region again,” the player-turned-coach-turned-broadcaster added. 

moses, however, also believes Stewie2k can redeem his reputation pretty quickly if he shows solid dedication. The 36-year-old broke down the possible challenges Stewie2k could face once he re-enters the scene. 

“The landmine that I would want him to avoid would be to not make the decision strictly because you miss being competitive in something… I mean if he makes the decision to come back it better be that he wants to become a very good Counter-Strike player and be on a very good team.”

That said, moses continued to stress that Stewie2k can overcome these stumbling blocks if he sets his mind to it. 

“As soon as his mentality and attitude are aligned, Jake’s a very special and unique talent within Counter-Strike. A lot of us got to see it firsthand in his career with the way he played and changed teams. He just lost some of that uniqueness towards the end of his road.” 

Stewie2k had last played for Evil Geniuses, but he enjoyed the most success as a Liquid player. He had won several S-tier titles with Team Liquid and also earned an Intel Grand Slam champion's medal there. 

The rifler had won the ESL Pro League Season 4 and the ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018 with Cloud9 before his trophy-laden Liquid career. Stewie2k had been inactive at Evil Geniuses since July 2022. He announced on March 26 that he has cut ties with EG and is now a free agent.

moses Believes Stewie2k Will Have To Start From Scratch Upon CSGO Return
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