Monte at Risk of Missing IEM Sydney 2023

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Monte at Risk of Missing IEM Sydney 2023

Monte has disclosed that their participation in IEM Sydney 2023 is now uncertain

Monte's participation in IEM Sydney 2023 hangs in the balance as Ukrainian players and their coach find themselves unable to leave their home country amid the ongoing conflict. The club made this somber announcement through their official Telegram channel, shedding light on the challenges faced by their team members in Ukraine.

Monte at Risk of Missing IEM Sydney 2023

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The post headlined “We risk missing the first major CS2 tournament – IEM Sydney” reads as follows:

“For us, this is (IEM Sydney) another opportunity to declare ourselves to the whole world and present the Ukrainian flag with dignity on another continent. But, unfortunately, at the moment we do not have the opportunity to cross the border, because our players and coach are currently on Ukrainian territory – we have always kept our word and returned home after the tournaments.”

“Therefore, not for the first time, we are forced to ask for help. Ministries, federations, foundations- if you have the opportunity to help us legally go to the tournament, please write to us at [email protected] or in the direct mail of our social networks.”

“We will be grateful for help or at least a repost!”

Why are Monte Facing Difficulties to Secure Travel Permission for IEM Sydney?

Monte's official statement regarding their IEM Sydney 2023 participation does not provide explicit details regarding the challenges they are facing in leaving Ukraine. This limitation, however, is believed to be a consequence of the imposition of Martial Law, which currently restricts Ukrainian males leaving the war-ridden country. This situation is in stark contrast to their previous experiences, where the team enjoyed the freedom to attend international tournaments without such hindrances.

Monte's management has made a public plea to various governmental bodies, sporting federations, and charitable foundations for assistance in navigating the legal challenges they are facing, which are preventing them from traveling to represent their country at the highly esteemed tournament. With just one week remaining until the event in Australia, the club finds itself in a race against time to secure the necessary permissions and logistical support to ensure their participation in the first high-profile CS2 event.

Significantly, IEM Sydney 2023 is scheduled to unfold between October 16th and 22nd, marking an eagerly awaited return to in-person LAN tournaments. With a substantial prize pool of $250,000, this event carries a special distinction as it will be the first-ever LAN tournament for the latest iteration of Valve's iconic shooter, Counter-Strike 2.

Monte at Risk of Missing IEM Sydney 2023
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