Mobile Auto Chess On Its Way to Your Phones, ImbaTV Plans $1.5M League

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Mobile Auto Chess On Its Way to Your Phones, ImbaTV Plans $1.5M League

The Dota 2 Auto Chess phenomenon strikes again. Just a week after surpassing 6 million players, the record-breaking custom game in Dota 2 has some amazing news for all the fans out there. Soon, you will be able to play it on Android and iOS. This move will likely see Autochess become even more popular than it is now.

The new game will be called just Auto Chess and it will be created by Drodo studios, the current Dota 2 Auto Chess developers. It is important to point out that the new mobile game won’t feature any of the heroes or couriers from Dota. Because the mobile Auto Chess will be a stand-alone version of the game, Valve will not be involved and Drodo does not own the rights to any of the current champions, none of the current heroes will be present the mobile version.

Some mobile games have already become legit esports, while others are on the verge of doing it. Auto Chess will also join the rest by adding a 1.5$m league that will be organized by ImbaTV. We do not have that much info regarding the event but it will definitely be available soon.

If you want to play Auto Chess on mobile, make sure to reserve your spot HERE.

Just in case you’ve forgotten, DreamLeague Season 11 Major starts today, so be sure not to miss it!

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