Mobalytics and T1 Launch Valorant Master Class

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Mobalytics and T1 Launch Valorant Master Class

Mobalytics, the analytics-based gaming assistant, and T1, the esports organization, have launched a Master Class for Valorant.

T1 debuted as one of the most-hyped Valorant teams with a roster composed of a combination of pros who played CS:GO and Overwatch.

They’ve since solidified themselves as one of the top teams of NA after successfully qualifying for the region’s First Strike tournament, the premier tournament of the year. Only eight teams made the final cut after a series of smaller tournaments.

The Master Class provides a course of 29 video lessons taught by pro players, Brax and AZK, and fRoD, the coach of T1’s roster.

The video lessons cover a wide range of topics ranging from how to execute mechanics such as counter strafing and crosshair placement to macro concepts like communication and economy management.

Brax, AZK, and fRoD even give their insights and recommendations for how to make it in Valorant as a professional player based on their experiences.

Although Mobalytics has worked with professional teams like Team Liquid and Golden Guardians in League of Legends, this is the first time that they have worked with a team to design a feature created for everyday players.

Beyond the T1 Master Class, the Mobalytics Valorant site also provides tools such as maps with ability lineup recommendations and player profiles that track solo queue stats.

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