Miracle- Draws Praise For His Shopify Rebellion Stint

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Miracle- Draws Praise For His Shopify Rebellion Stint

Amer “Miracle-” Al-Barkawi received praise from Shopify Rebellion players for his excellent stand-in stint for the club at DreamLeague Season 20

Dreamleague Season 20 took an astonishing turn as both Shopify Rebellion and OG faced elimination from the tournament following a tied final series. While Shopify Rebellion players were disappointed to crash out of the tournament so early, they did not forget to acknowledge the extraordinary performance of their substitute player, Amer “Miracle-” Barkawi. Regarded as one of the finest carry players worldwide, the former-Team Liquid star put on a dazzling display in the tournament, rising to the occasion for Shopify Rebellion. Tal “Fly” Azik and Andreas “Cr1t-” Nielsen lauded Miracle in post-match interviews, while Artour “Arteezy” Babaev and Jonáš “SabeRLight-” Volek took to Twitter to shower him with praise.

Dreamleague Season 20 witnessed Miracle-‘s remarkable talent shining through, even as he took a break from his professional Dota 2 journey. Fly, serving as the captain of Shopify Rebellion, openly praised Miracle-‘s exceptional skills and the positive influence he brought to the team.

“Yeah, it was. It was up until after that TI which was TI5 or TI6. Oh man, Miracle- is the GOAT. Besides being an insane player, he’s also just an incredible positive energy to have on your team. He’s super fun to be around, he’s a super good person. There’s nothing bad you can say about him honestly, and he carried most of the games. He played, I think, better than the entire team, which is not good from our perspective, where we would have to do the least, but realistically, he played the best out of all of us.”

Crit praised Miracle-‘s adaptability and the valuable contributions he consistently brought to the team. 

“I mean I’ve played with him before obviously, way back in the day. He’s always fun to play with, he’s very energetic, he’s fun, he’s always a cheery guy. He’s a very good teammate, so it's easy to play with him. Obviously, he doesn’t have exactly the same hero pool as Abed, and there have been some adjustments we’ve had to make, but that’s with any stand-in that you play with. So, we’re lucky to have a stand-in of that quality to play with.”

As news of Shopify Rebellion's departure from the tournament circulated, team members turned to social media to convey their admiration for Miracle-‘s remarkable gameplay and the profound impact he had on the team's journey. Both Arteezy and SabeRLight- utilized Twitter to shower accolades upon Miracle- and convey their heartfelt appreciation for his instrumental role in supporting the team during Dreamleauge Season 20.

As Dreamleague Season 20 presses on, fans will experience a tinge of sadness as Shopify Rebellion, alongside Miracle-, bids an early farewell from the tournament. The tournament, nonetheless, goes on with an array of top-notch teams vying for victory, promising fans an engaging and cherished experience. Gearing up for what lies ahead, Shopify Rebellion now directs their focus towards the Bali Major 2023, the ultimate major tournament preceding the eagerly awaited pinnacle of The International 12.

Miracle- Draws Praise For His Shopify Rebellion Stint
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