Mauga Overwatch 2 Mythbusters – What Do We Know?

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Mauga Overwatch 2 Mythbusters – What Do We Know?

Are you interested in learning mode details about Mauga Overwatch 2? Here are some of the Mythbusters.

Following our Overwatch 2 Mauga Guide, it is time to take a look at some of the mythbusters we had the chance to test following the hero’s arrival. It took us some time to come up with this article because we had to play numerous games. As you can imagine, getting your hands on Mauga is easier said than done because the hero is only available for a day, meaning everyone wants to play with him.

Mauga Overwatch 2 Mythbusters

After playing a bit with Mauga Overwatch 2, we found a few interesting things that you may want to know more about. So, let’s learn more about some things you need to know.

You can deal bonus damage to enemies under fire even if it is not from you – CONFIRMED

Those who’ve read our Mauga Overwatch 2 guide carefully know that the hero’s Cha-Cha gun deals bonus damage when he ignites his opponents with his Gunny. However, what we wanted to know is whether the ability does bonus damage if the enemy unit is under the effect of someone else. 

Judging from our tests while using Overwatch 2 Mauga, the answer is yes. One of the best examples is with heroes like Ashe because she has dynamite. Once the latter explodes, Mauga will do bonus damage with his right click, which means he and Ashe will work well.

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Overrun cancels Reinhardt’s Charge – CONFIRMED

One of Mauga’s unique abilities is called Overrun, and it allows the hero to charge forward, slam the ground, and do damage. It works similarly to B.O.B.’s charge when he is summoned, but this one is even better because the hero is not affected by any crowd-control abilities.

What we really wanted to see is whether Mauga has what it takes to stop Reinhardt’s charge. The latter is usually really strong because Rein kills almost any target he pins. With that said, Mauga’s Overrun completely destroys Rein’s charge because it goes through it and even causes Rein to stop using his spell.

Aside from Rein’s ability, Overrun also goes through Orisa’s Javelin and Knockback, as well as a few other CC abilities.  This is really strong, so we wouldn’t be surprised if this ability receives big nerfs in the future.

Sombra can’t hack Mauga while in Overrun – NOT TRUE

An interesting thing we came across while doing the Overwatch 2 Mauga Mythbusters article was related to Sombra. Although the hero is pretty much unstoppable while using his ability, there is one hero who can stop him, and that is Sombra. The latter can hack the tank while he is charging, which means we expect to see her a lot in action.

Cardiac Overdrive Reduces The Incoming Damage by 30%, and Increases Heal by  40% – CONFIRMED

Mauga Overwatch 2 Mythbusters

Although Overwatch 2 Mauga does not have a reliable shield, the hero has an ability that reduces incoming damage, and it is called Cardiatic Overdrive. After testing it against a couple of heroes, we believe that it provides around 30% damage reduction, which is pretty good.

While on the topic of this Mauga Overwatch 2 ability, it is worth knowing that the healing the hero and his allies get from the ability is around 40%. Moreover, this can be boosted by certain abilities, such as Ana’s grenade. This also includes different damage boosts, such as the one from Merci.

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Killing Mauga Deactivates The Barrier (his Ultimate) – NOT TRUE

One of the things that people will want to know more about is Cage Fight, Mauga’s ultimate. When used, he summons a walk that chains enemies close to him, meaning they can’t leave. We expected this ability to be removed once Mauga dies, but after our tests, this was not the case. The ability will be deactivated only if you wait until it is over or you destroy the specific generator.

Once the barrier is out, enemies can walk into it, but if they do that, they will be chained. Another thing we’ve noticed while using Mauga Overwatch 2 is that enemies can’t heal their allies trapped inside nor deal damage to Mauga while the barrier is on.

No heroes can escape from Mauga’s Ultimate – NOT TRUE

Mauga Overwatch 2
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While it is true that Mauga’s ultimate traps almost all heroes, and they can’t escape, there are a few exceptions to this rule. Judging from our Mauga Overwatch 2 Mythbusters tests, Orisa can escape thanks to Fortify. Sombra can also “escape” if she uses her EMP, and Symmetra can literally use her Teleport and go away. In fact, all of her allies can use this tool to save themselves.

The interesting thing is that Lifeweaver can actually Lifegrip his allies away from Mauga’s ultimate. This will make the hero very strong against this tank, so we wouldn’t be surprised if there are nerfs.

Final Thoughts

We definitely can’t wait for the hero to be available permanently. Make sure to follow us for more details if you want to know more about the hero.

Mauga Overwatch 2 Mythbusters – What Do We Know?
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