MAD Lions Announce Signing of bjor and BlackHeart to Join VALORANT Roster

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MAD Lions Announce Signing of bjor and BlackHeart to Join VALORANT Roster

MAD Lions shake up VALORANT roster with the signing of Joseph “Bjor” Bjorklund and Hasan “BlackHeart” Hammad, replacing Anthony “ZexRow” Colandro and Taylor “drone” Johnson.

Following the controversy that saw ZexRow and drone kicked out of the team, it was about time MAD Lions made new additions to the team. According to a report from George Geddes, Bjor and Blackheart will be joining the Spanish org to complete the roster.

Bjor has been a prospect in the NA scene for quite a while now. The 22-year-old previously played for teams like BBG and the Immortals. As for Blackheart, he is most notable for his time at Cloud9, although only as a substitute.



MAD Lions started the season strong, qualifying for the Split 1 tournament after a dominant run in the open qualifier. However, their performance dipped in the group stage as they bowed out with 1 win and 4 losses. Not long after, the org announced that they had decided to part ways with their star player, ZexRow, along with drone.

Later, ZexRow took to Twitter and expressed his disappointment regarding the whole situation. The former Fortnite star blamed the IGL of the team, Justin “Trick” Sears, for “taking over the roster.” This accusation led to a whole drama with back-and-forth tweets from ZexRow and Trick.



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With MAD Lions finalizing their roster, seeing how they make a comeback to the scene will be interesting.

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