M80 Wins Mid-Season Face Off in Dominant Fashion

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M80 Wins Mid-Season Face Off in Dominant Fashion

Without losing a single series throughout Mid-Season Face Off, M80 wins the Grand Final against G2 Esports.

M80 finished Split 1 with the highest round differentials, staying in the number 1 spot in the standings. As a result, they were the most feared team in Mid-Season Face Off, and their reign continued through the upper rounds. Finally, they grabbed the winning title against G2 Esports in a showdown of domination.

The Grand Final started on Ascent, where M80 struggled as defenders against G2 Esports’ unique strategies. Even though they brought back some rounds on the attacker side, the map went to ShahZam’s squad, with OXY turning up the heat.

M80 Valorant Group Photo

Credit: M80 via Twitter

After that, they moved forward to M80’s map pick Fracture, where G2 struggled to find footing against the Canadians' attacks. Fracture and Icebox were a showdown of the strength of M80’s roster, winning them in 13-5 and 13-5 fashions, respectively.

The Canadian squad won $11,000 as the champions of this event, but more importantly, they scored 10 circuit points, helping them climb the steps to competing internationally. This outcome has been fascinating to see after the massive roster change of M80, acquiring great players like zander and eeiu.

The Challengers League isn’t over yet! Split 2 will begin on April 18, including 12 teams from Split 1. Stay tuned with ESTNN to get updates on the upcoming VCL events.

M80 Wins Mid-Season Face Off in Dominant Fashion
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