Lords of the Fallen Sunless Skein Key: Where to Find it and How to Use it

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Lords of the Fallen Sunless Skein Key: Where to Find it and How to Use it

After defeating the Spurned Progeny boss, Lords of the Fallen will take you to a mine that will be full of enemies to face, mysteries to discover, and even a mysterious door to unlock. In this article, therefore, we have decided to explain to you where to find and how to use the Lords of the Fallen Sunless Skein Key which will be used to open the door located in this area of the game.

Where to find the Lords of the Fallen Sunless Skein Key

In the Sunless Skein area (from which the key takes its name) there are two Vestiges that you will encounter during your exploration. The first is located right at the entrance to this area, near the door that requires the Lords of the Fallen Sunless Skein Key to open; while the second is located towards the final part of the area, near some water that you can decide to lower if you go to the Umbral realm. And it is precisely this second Vestige that is of interest to us, as it is the one closest to the position where you can find the Sunless Skein Key.

From the Vestige of Catrin (this is its name), go around to cross the bridge and head towards the tunnel where there will be an enemy in possession of a flaming sword. At this point, take out the dogs and the monster with the bow, before heading right and using your lamp to pass through a bunch of bars. By doing this, you will be able to return to the room where the enemy with the bow is and unlock a shortcut that will take you directly to the Vestige in case you need it.

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At this point, once you get here, all you need to do is collect the Sunless Skein Key. This item is found in this very room, above some cages at the back of the room. Use your lamp to reveal a passage that will allow you to reach the key. Once collected, head towards the Vestige using the shortcut you unlocked shortly before and be ready to use it.

Lords of the Fallen Sunless Skein Key

How to use the Lords of the Fallen Sunless Skein Key

Now that you have the Sunless Skein Key, fast travel directly to the Vestige of Hooded Antuli (the first one found in this area). From where you will spawn, head left to open the previously blocked door. This area allows you to return directly to Lower Calrath, but be aware that you will have two routes to choose from.

If you decide to go left, you will find a generous amount of hours and another shortcut that will allow you to get to Lowe Calrath, again using the key you just acquired. If, however, you decide to go right, you will find an enemy very similar to the Ruiner boss and also a Saintly Quintessence (useful for upgrading your Sanguinatrix) hidden on a tree that you can only see if you are in the Umbral realm.

Lords of the Fallen Sunless Skein Key

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