Lords of the Fallen Sanguinatrix Guide

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Lords of the Fallen Sanguinatrix Guide

The Lords of the Fallen Sanguinatrix is definitely an item to pay particular attention to in the game, as it is the best resource you will have available when it comes to the healing process. Although this relic is very useful, its functionality becomes less and less as you progress through the game, so it is very important that you upgrade it, even if it won't be such a simple and quick thing to do.

Lords of the Fallen how to upgrade Sanguinatrix

To ensure that your Lords of the Fallen Sanguinatrix is able to heal more than three times, you will have to search for and obtain the Saintly Quintessences and give them to Pieta (one of the first bosses you have defeated and who will now be your ally) at the Skyrest Bridge. By making use of these materials, in fact, Pieta is able to improve your Sanguinatrix to make it more efficient, especially once you have reached the more advanced stages of the game.

This process would be very simple in itself, only if the Saintly Quintessences were not rare materials to find and above all well hidden. Only the first one will be given to players during the tutorial, while the rest will have to be found. For this reason, get ready to explore every single corner of the game map. Also, you should know that most of them are located in the Umbral realm, which means that it will be even more difficult to find them if you don't make use of your lamp.

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Once you have found these items, all you have to do is return to Pieta and select the “Upgrade Sanguinatrix” option. At this point, you will be able to see the number of Saintly Quintessences you need to upgrade (keep in mind that the first time you will only need one, but the number will gradually increase) and also the number of the charges of your Sanguinatrix.

Although it is possible to finish the game without ever upgrading the Lords of the Fallen Sanguinatrix, the game will become even more punishing than it already is, so unless you are a veteran of the genre and are looking for an additional challenge to test your skills, we highly recommend upgrading this relic. Although finding the right objects for the process will not be a walk in the park, this will allow you to explore the game world more thoroughly and with more attention, also allowing you to encounter, during your explorations, enemies, and bosses that, probably, you would have encountered as they are secondary and not necessary for the completion of the game.

lords of the fallen sanguinatrix

Lords of the Fallen Sanguinatrix Guide
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