LoL: Worlds 2020 Guide and Full Schedule

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LoL: Worlds 2020 Guide and Full Schedule

A complete guide of the League of Legends Worlds 2020 event including teams that qualified and their match schedules.

Another year has come and gone and with its conclusion comes the tenth annual League of Legends World Championship. “Worlds” as it is simply known as is the culmination of every team’s efforts through the year (especially Summer seasons) in a bid to compete for the title of the greatest League of Legends team. A competition between teams across the globe, Worlds is the pinnacle of esports, bringing in some of the highest levels of talent and viewership in a premier esports event.

If you haven’t been following every region to know which of your favorite teams qualified for Worlds, don’t worry as we’ve got you covered! Below you’ll find a complete list of all the teams from all over the world who will be competing in the 2020 League of Legends World Championships. If you wanted to check out the Worlds 2020 Draw Show, you can check it out here.

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Which Teams Qualified?

A graphic showing every team's logo that qualified for the LoL World Championship 2020
A complete list of the teams who’ve qualified for the tenth annual League of Legends World Championship. Credit to Riot Games.

North America (LCS):

  1. Team SoloMid (Group Stage)
  2. FlyQuest (Group Stage)
  3. Team Liquid (Play-in Stage)

Europe (LEC):

  1. G2 Esports (Group Stage)
  2. Fnatic (Group Stage)
  3. Rogue (Group Stage)
  4. MAD Lions (Play-in Stage)

China (LPL):

  1. Top Esports (Group Stage)
  2. JD Gaming (Group Stage)
  3. Suning (Group Stage)
  4. LGD Gaming (Play-in Stage)

South Korea (LCK):

  1. DAMWON Gaming (Group Stage)
  2. DRX (Group Stage)
  3. Gen. G Esports (Group Stage)

Southeast Asia (PCS):

  1. Machi Esports (Group Stage)
  2. PSG Talon (Play-in Stage)

Wildcard Regions:

It is important to note that all Wildcard teams will be placed within the Play-In Stage of the 2020 World Championship.

Brazil (CBLOL):

  • INTZ Esports


  • Unicorns of Love

Japan (LJL):

  • V3 Esports

Latin America (LLA):

  • Rainbow7

Oceania (OPL):

  • Legacy Esports

Turkey (TCL):

  • Papara SuperMassive

Play-in Stage

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, the play-in stage is the precursor event to the main tournament. Think of it as a tournament that forces the lowest-seeded teams to compete for a final chance at qualifying for the main tournament (Group stages). It rewards the teams with higher seeds to not only rest, but gain critical information as the “Worlds meta” unfolds before them, granting them a chance to build their strategies in advance.

It also ensures that not only do all teams have a fair chance at qualifying, but also creating a highly competitive environment among the weaker teams to ensure that only the best will be able to compete in the later stages of the tournament.

For a breakdown of the Play-in groups read: Worlds 2020 | Group A and Group B Previews.

Group A and B of the LoL Worlds 2020 Play Ins with the team logos in columns

Play-ins will be divided into two groups, having the top team of each automatically advancing to the group stages. Two more teams have a chance to advance by playing through a gauntlet.

 Play-Ins Schedule

Friday, September 25 (4am EST)

  • MAD Lions vs. INTZ Esports
  • PSG Talon vs. Rainbow7
  • Legacy Esports vs. INTZ Esports
  • LGD Gaming vs. PSG Talon
  • Team Liquid vs. MAD Lions

Saturday, September 26 (4am EST)

  • Rainbow7 vs. V3 Esports
  • INTZ Esports vs. Papara SuperMassive
  • V3 Esports vs. Unicorns of Love
  • LGD Gaming vs. Rainbow7
  • Unicorns of Love vs. PSG Talon
  • Papara SuperMassive vs. MAD Lions
  • Team Liquid vs. Legacy Esports

Sunday, September 27 (4am EST)

  • V3 Esports vs LGD Gaming
  • Rainbow7 vs. Unicorns of Love
  • PSG Talon vs. V3 Esports
  • Unicorns of Love vs. LGD Gaming

Monday, September 28 (4am EST)

  • Papara SuperMassive SuperMassive vs. Team Liquid
  • MAD Lions vs. Legacy Esports
  • INTZ Esports vs. Team Liquid
  • Legacy Esports vs. Papara SuperMassive
worlds 2020 main and play in groups
This infographic displays the entire roster of teams competing at Worlds and where their journeys begin in the tournament. Credit to Riot Games.

Group Stage

Following the play-in stage, the real tournament begins. The Groups stage will test the best from each major region with the possibility of Wildcards advancing through play-ins. Groups are unique as they pit teams from separate regions against one another without overlapping. It’s a true division of talent, giving every region an opportunity to combat over the chance at international glory.

For a breakdown of the Groups draw and analysis, check out our article here.

The draw for the Group Stage of the 2020 LoL World Championship

The groups are made up of the top talent from around the globe. All groups will each add another team that has advanced from the Play-in stage.

The 2020 Worlds groups are filled with some of the best talent in recent League of Legends history. The teams will compete in best of one series in a round-robin fashion. The top two teams from each group will advance to the playoffs. It’s important to note that presently, not all information is clear as Play-in teams have yet to qualify for the group stage. For now, their four spots will be labeled as “To be determined” to showcase this fact.

Group Stage Schedule

Monday, October 5 (4am EST)

  • Machi Esports vs. G2 Esports
  • JD Gaming vs. Rogue
  • Top Esports vs. DragonX
  • To be determined vs. To be determined

Tuesday, October 6 (5am EST)

  • Suning Gaming vs. Machi Esports
  • DragonX vs. FlyQuest
  • Fnatic vs. Gen.G
  • To be determined vs. To be determined

Thursday, October 8 (5am EST) 

  • Machi Esports vs. Suning Gaming
  • G2 Esports vs. Machi Esports
  • Suning Gaming vs. G2 Esports
  • To be determined vs. To be determined

Friday, October 9 (5am EST)

  • Rogue vs. JD Gaming
  • DAMWON Gaming vs. Rogue
  • JD Gaming vs. Damwon Gaming
  • To be determined vs. To be determined

Saturday, October 10 (4am EST)

  • Fnatic vs. Team SoloMid
  • Team SoloMid vs. Gen. G Esports
  • Gen.G Esports vs. Fnatic
  • To be determined vs. To be determined

Sunday, October 11 (5am EST)

  • Flyquest vs. DragonX
  • Top Esports vs. FlyQuest
  • DragonX vs. Top Esports
  • To be determined vs. To be determined



  • October 15-18 (6am EST)
  • Matches to be determined


  • October 24-25 (6am EST)
  • Matches to be determined


  • October 31 (6am EST)
  • Match to be determined
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