LoL: Worlds 2020 | LEC Team Previews

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LoL: Worlds 2020 | LEC Team Previews

Get familiar with the LEC's four World's representatives.

With Worlds now upon us, and the Play-ins and Group Stage draws confirmed, it’s now time for us to preview the regions. Now its time to look at the LEC teams and how they will look to matchup against the rest.

MAD Lions

MAD Lions LoL player Carzzy high fives fans after a match win
Carzzy has had a great first year and now he can show it at Worlds.

MAD Lions will be the LEC’s fourth seed for Worlds, a first for the region. They will also be the only LEC side in the Play-ins stage of the event. MAD will face off against Team Liquid, Legacy Esports, Papara Supermassive, and INTZ. With only the first place guaranteed to make it out of the group, MAD should be in a good position to advance, providing they can bring the LEC regular split form into Worlds. Team Liquid is obviously the biggest hurdle, and MAD will undoubtedly be happy not to be drawn against LGD or Unicorns of Love.

MAD can still qualify if they end up in 2nd-4th, however, they will need to play additional matches. Third and fourth places will play each other before moving on to play the second-placed team in the opposite group. This is likely not the position a Group A team will want to find themselves in. Second place in Group A should see you qualify, as the better side in Group B, PSG, is not using its main roster at Play-ins due to travel issues. So a top-two finish will be in sight for MAD, and they should be able to make that.

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Rogue LEC player Larssen high fiving fans after a win
Larssen is one to watch at Worlds, and he’s Rogue’s main-man.

It’s safe to say Rogue is in for a rough time during Group Stage. Drawn into a group with DAMWON Gaming and JD Gaming, Rogue is the clear underdog. That said, they’ve been the underdog all year, even when they talked about taking first place in the LEC no one expected them to actually do it. Rogue goes into Worlds as the LEC’s third, and the first time a third seed has gone straight to Group Stage for Europe.

Despite Rogue playing along with the memes, fans in Europe are quick to fall into the trap that Europe is the third-best region. It’s easy to forget that not only has Europe been to the last two Grand Finals, but they also have the current MSI Champions in their league. Rogue can qualify, they can mix it with the best, and Worlds 2020 is their time to show it.


Fnatic's LoL player Selfmade high fiving fans after a match win in the LEC arena
This is Selfmade’s first time at Worlds, and it could be his opportunity to make his mark.

It’s easy to forget how close Fnatic came to not making it to Worlds. The former World finalists are a staple of Worlds, like an EU 0-3 final and T1 making it to Worlds… Fnatic might feel like they go in without as much pressure on them compared to other teams. However, Fnatic fans will have expectations, and it’ll be a real test for the Fnatic solo laners and the team's rookie jungle Selfmade and the often-criticized Nemesis.

The Worlds meta is often a battle of the mid lane or a battle of the 2v2 (mid + jungle). This could be the worry for Nemesis and Fnatic. Now in his second year, it’s not clear if Nemesis is still yet to reach his level or if he’s simply not good enough. That said, it’s easy to judge him when you compare him to other talented mid laners in Europe. Fnatic especially is known for producing top-quality mid laners and now would be Nemesis’ time to prove his doubters wrong. As for their group, Fnatic has been drawn against TSM and Gen.G. While not the easiest group, they’ll think this one is certainly winnable and anything less would be a disappointment.

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G2 Esports

League of Legends player Perkz holding a G2 samurai mask with the words "Perkz is back" next to him
Perkz had a difficult time in Summer Split, how key will he be at Worlds?

MSI Champions, LEC Champions, and 2019 Worlds Finalists, G2 Esports also probably have the easiest group so far. With Suning drawn as the second seed, G2 was able to draw Machi Esports, considered the “soft pick” by most teams pre-draw. Qualification should be a dead certainty for G2 from this point, though that’s often the most dangerous position, especially in a best-of-one format.

G2 are undoubtedly one of the favorites to win the entire event, with the LPL clearly the favorites overall after their previous dominance. G2’s big advantage is the aforementioned mid lane matchup. Caps is understandably always in the conversation about the best mid laners in the world, and his performances during G2’s difficult start to their Summer Split are a testament to just that. With Wunder a constant performer when it matters, Jankos continuing to improve, and Perkz & Mikyx proving to be a solid partnership, G2 will be in a good place for Worlds.

LoL: Worlds 2020 | LEC Team Previews
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