LoL: LEC Smashes Viewership Numbers In Summer 2020

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LoL: LEC Smashes Viewership Numbers In Summer 2020

Europe's LEC is gaining more traction than ever.

The LEC is one of the best LoL regions in the world and one of the most popular too. Since their rebranding in 2019, the LEC has grown to be its own, unique tournament and broadcast that captivates viewers from around the globe. The 2020 Summer Split was an explosive one, filled with upsets and gripping storylines galore. As a result, viewership numbers rose greatly, which details about emerged today.

First off, a staggering 40,041,750 total hours were watched from viewers for the split. What's more is that this is an 85% increase from 2019, meaning the region's popularity has exploded over the course of a year. Some of this can be contributed to G2 Esports' international success last year. But viewers also tuned in to see the rise of Rogue and MAD Lions, and the bitter-sweet Schalke 04 miracle run. Its truly been a year to remember.

On top of that, the 2020 Summer Finals broke records of their own. In it, G2 smashed rivals Fnatic and claimed their eight domestic titles. The peak concurrent viewers for the Finals broadcast was a whopping 952,339, which is a 16.7% increase from last year. In addition, the average viewers at any given point were 819,415, a distinct 70% increase from 2019. Fnatic and G2 have two of the biggest fan bases in Europe, spanning out over the world too. As another installment in their long rivalry, it's natural that so many tuned in!

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With all that said, Europe is waiting to root for their four representatives at the 2020 World Championship. G2, Fnatic, MAD Lions and Rogue will fight for glory against the other top teams in the world as the LEC's best.

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