Llambro Confirmed As Next Fortnite Crew Exclusive Skin

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Llambro Confirmed As Next Fortnite Crew Exclusive Skin

The next Fortnite Crew skin teasers have begun.

Epic Games is nearly four months removed from Fortnite Crew's launch, a monthly subscription service for players. The service itself seems worth it, considering the free cosmetics, 1,000 V-Bucks and Battle Pass. It also gave Epic the chance to workshop some unique skins available only to those willing to invest in the $11.99 monthly price tag. It began in November with Galaxia, continued in December with DC Comics character Green Arrow and, more recently, a fox character named Vi. With March quickly approaching, Epic is now teasing the next Fortnite Crew skin “Llambro.”

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Llambro Teaser

Fortnite’s official Twitter account offered the first of presumably many teasers leading into the next Fortnite Crew pack release. It defines a LLEGEND, a noun, which means “Someone you can always count on. A Llambro.” Although no visual representations of the skin are available yet, the teaser gives a good point of reference. Fortnite players and Crew subscribers can undoubtedly expect something llama-related. Perhaps it could be a Llama/Human hybrid of some sort? The newest exclusive cosmetic will be available starting March 1. If you're looking for more information on the monthly service check this post.

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UPDATE: Llambro Confirmed for March Release

Now that several leakers have now confirmed that Llambro, also known as Sleet, will be the next Fortnite Crew cosmetic set. Subscribers should see the new skin, pickaxe, wrap and back bling beginning on March 1.

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This article was updated with additional information on Feb 22.

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