Fortnite x Family Guy Collaboration Coming Soon?

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Fortnite x Family Guy Collaboration Coming Soon?

Could Family Guy be Fortnite’s latest collaboration?

As if things couldn’t get weirder in the world of Fortnite Battle Royale, several leakers decrypted a potential Family Guy crossover. This revelation comes on the heels of Epic Games’ most recent collaboration with legendary fighting game Street Fighter. The series’ two most notable characters – Ryu and Chun-Li – now have playable cosmetics in the popular Battle Royale game. Those two have joined the Terminator, Predator, Mandalorian, Snake Eyes and many others who Epic introduced into Fortnite this season. It now seems possible that the animated comedy series Family Guy could find its way into the game in some capacity.

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Family Guy x Fortnite?

Twitter user GMatrixGames was one of the first leakers to locate something named “FrenchFry” back bling texture in Fortnite’s files. The images included some iconic images from Family Guy, including Peter Griffin hurting his knee and fighting a chicken. It seems like an odd combination, but it makes sense as Epic continues to create the most inclusive video game of all time. Leakers have not decrypted specific cosmetics in detail as of yet.

Insane and Consistent Collaborations

Epic Games has nearly collaborated with every recognizable game, movie, sports league and more in the last three years. Season 5 introduced the “hunter” plot point, where the storyline had Fortnite’s mascot – Jonesy – teleport to different dimensions for help containing the Zero Point. It’s challenging to conjure a scenario where Family Guy characters fit into this season’s narrative. Nevertheless, Fortnite fans could see the bizarre crossover at some point.

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