Lima Major Group B Day 4 Recap

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Lima Major Group B Day 4 Recap

The last full day of Group Stage matches at the Lima Major are done, and we have what you need to know.

There are few things as full of frenetic excitement as the group stage of a Valve-powered Dota 2 event, and so far the Lima Major has delivered this in spades. The fourth day, surprisingly, had absolutely no drawn series, with every team that won their first game carrying their momentum to complete the double. With one team having played all their games and only one game each left for all other teams in the group, we’re going to look back at Day 4’s matches for those who failed to catch it live.

Team Liquid vs beastcoast 

This was a crucial matchup for both teams — each the champions of their respective regions. A win for Liquid would give them a significant boost toward securing an Upper Bracket slot in the Playoffs. Meanwhile, beastcoast had taken a game off of every opponent they had played, and a win or even a 1-1 split for them would greatly further their aim of finishing in the top half of the table. 

Unfortunately for the Peruvians, Liquid were in no mood to mess around. They took a decent lead early on in the game, and never pulled their foot off the pedal as they continued to dominate before finishing the game off with a big teamfight in the 34th minute. 

Game 2 followed pretty much the same pattern, with whatever hold beastcoast had on the game slipping away gradually as the tournament favorites gained traction. At least the South Americans didn’t have to suffer for too long, because Liquid ended the match in just 21 minutes with their fast-push draft to secure the series.

Team Aster vs Geek Slate 

They may not be from the same region, but the Asian teams both followed the same pattern of defensive, avoidant gameplay. The two games between them measured a total of almost 94 minutes, but only featured a relatively low 74 kills. That said, each game contained plenty of interesting moments if you’re a true Dota fan.

Game 1 saw Aster slowly and painstakingly build up a lead, with GS’ chances slipping away gradually. Despite a few good attempts by the South-East Asians, the game was too strongly in control of the Chinese by the time the late game rolled around, and the latter managed to close things out in the 54th minute.

Unlike Game 1, Game 2 actually began pretty well for GS, but slowly went in favor of Aster as it progressed. Despite this, both teams were pretty neck-and-neck until GS lost a decisive teamfight with diebacks on almost all their Heroes, and Aster wasn’t going to need another invitation to emerge victorious and complete their sweep.

Knights vs BetBoom Team 

Embroiled in some truly damning controversy, Knights’ fans may have been happy to see their sole win against Shopify Rebellion the previous day, but it seemed to have been in vain as their terrible run resumed. BetBoom meanwhile had been desperate for a win after not getting any, and it looked as though their wish would finally be granted.

At no point in Game 1 did Knights even look like a professional team. They were sloppy, careless, and simply outclassed despite having a pretty decent draft, with a questionable lack of attempts made to even try to turn things around. Losing teamfight after teamfight, they finally called GG before their Mid Barracks had even been taken due to the sheer amount of gold and Experience that they had fallen behind by in the 29th minute. 

The second game saw Knights put up a bit more of a fight, but that fizzled out quickly as they once again ended up losing the tempo and falling quiet. BetBoom were merciless as expected, and they got the Chinese side to call out GG relatively early — once again in the 29th minute in fact — before they had even lost a single Tier 3 tower. Make what you will of that, but what mattered in the context of the tournament was that the Eastern European side had finally won a series.

HellRaisers vs Entity 

Coming back into contention with consecutive wins the day before, HellRaisers may have lifted their own hopes a little further than they were able to back up with their gameplay — especially since they were up against a formidable Entity next. The Western European side needed a win to stay in the Upper Bracket, and they were ready to destroy HR’s hopes for their cause.

The EEU team began well enough, gaining and maintaining a small lead over most of the early and even some way through the mid-game. Sadly for them, once Entity took over they were relentless, and their lead ballooned as they dominated the remaining battles and ended the game in the 46th minute.

Game 2 was even worse for the CIS team as Entity were far more proactive and deadly with their teamwork. It didn’t take long for them to gain a decent lead, and although the game was still wide open, the WEU side narrowed things down and achieved victory almost 34 minutes in.

BetBoom Team vs Entity 

Despite having had a dominant run in the EEU Dota Pro Circuit’s Winter Tour, BetBoom have been struggling since coming to Lima. Up against a powerful Entity, they would have to devise something truly special to eke anything positive out of the skirmish.

Not all teams can step up to the plate when needed, and BetBoom fell into that category when playing against Entity. They weren’t in control at any point of Game 1, and although it was a drawn-out, laborious affair for the WEU side, they managed to close the game around the hour mark.

The fact that Game 1 had taken Entity an hour to finish was the best thing BB were able to take out of the entire series, because Game 2 was even more one-sided. The kill difference of 8 to 31 says it all, with a gold difference of 20k+ being the final nail in BB’s coffin for the series.

Team Aster vs Knights 

Aster, who had previously accused Knights of using vision hacks, had nevertheless closed their game against their regional rivals back in the Chinese DPC’s Tour 1 for 2023. Now, a down-and-out Knights had their one and only chance to beat and perhaps humiliate Aster, but given their form they’d need to play exceptionally well to do so.

Game 1 started well enough for Knights, who kept a decent gold and XP advantage well into the early game. This wouldn’t last long, though, as a swing in the mid-game of the low-scoring, slow match saw Aster take the lead. It still took the first real teamfight of the game to give the latter a decisive edge, and they were quick to win the match after that.

The second encounter between these teams was much more nuanced. The game was on a knife’s edge until the mid-game, but once again, Aster only needed one good teamfight to take the lead and carry it to a swift, powerful end. This not only gave Aster some much-needed points, but also effectively eliminated Knights from the tournament.

Geek Slate vs beastcoast 

The two sides may be from the opposite ends of the world, but Geek Slate and beastcoast are somewhat similar when it comes to being plucky underdogs — although the latter can hardly be called that now. The Peruvians still desperately needed a win, but so did the SEA side and neither would give it away without a fight to the death.

The first game had a hyper-aggressive start compared to the laning phases of other Day 4 games, with Heroes falling and right on both sides. Neither team could work up enough of a lead until a big teamfight for beastcoast in the 31st minute left them in the lead by some margin, and they achieved victory shortly after that.

Game 2 saw a similar theme where neither team had much of an advantage until the mid-game (although GS were slightly ahead in terms of gold). Once again, the South Americans managed to get a big advantage off of a couple of teamfights, and used their greater experience to eke out the win and keep themselves in the running for an Upper Bracket berth.

Shopify Rebellion vs Team Liquid

These two squads have been rivals for a very long time under different banners, and the fact that both were in the top 4 of the group made the games even more exciting. That being said, Liquid are currently at the absolute top of its game, and for once, it was SR’s squad facing an uphill battle against these opponents.

Despite having a sizable lead for most of Game 1, Liquid faced fierce resistance at the hands of their American enemy. There was even a point where their lead cut down to almost nothing after they got teamwiped, but they held fast in the face of considerable adversity to regain their advantage and confirm their win in the 53rd minute.

Game 2, however, saw SR crumble as Liquid completely dominated the entirety of the game. There was no stiff resistance, no comebacks, and not even an inkling of a chance as the Europeans led 35-7 in terms of kills when the game ended in just less than 23 minutes.

Join us again tomorrow for a recap of the final day of the group stage, and make sure to take a look at our Dota 2 section for more content.

Lima Major Group B Day 4 Recap
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