Lies of P Treasure Hunter Location

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Lies of P Treasure Hunter Location

Trying to find the Lies of P Treasure Hunter? We'll tell you where to find him and more importantly what you get from him.

Just like any good Soulslike, Lies of P has a merchant that lets you turn your hard-won Boss Ergo's into either weapons or pieces of equipment. To do this here, you need to find the enigmatic Alidoro tucked away in one far-flung corner of the map.

So here is how you can reach him and what items he can provide you with.

Lies of P Treasure Hunter Location

You can find him after you've reached the 3rd Act of the game, which takes place in the St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel. First, you need to reach the St. Frangelico Cathedral Libary Stargazer which is at the very bottom of the complex.

Lies of P Treasure Hunter Location

From here on you need to make it through the gauntlet of enemies (unless you've already cleared the area and unlocked the shortcut). Now it's only a matter of reaching the hall, the one with the big scary guy in it, and heading to the elevator. Once you go up the elevator you find this stunning gentleman taking in the sights.

If you've already beaten the Archbishop boss, he'll move to the Workshop Union Entrance Stargazer instead.

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Talking to Treasure Hunter Alidoro

Now you can talk to Alidoro and he'll introduce himself to you. He'll tell you all about his treasures and ask you for a safe place. Now you could lie to him and collect your bad boy points, but there is really no use. One way or another he'll end up at the Hotel Krat but if you lie to him he'll not be happy about it.

Lies of P Treasure Hunter Location

Treasure Hunter Alidoro Wares

So what can Alidoro do for you? He will exchange the boss Ergo Crystals for either equipment or new weapons. The weapons are special and come with both the weapon and handle tied to each other. The special equipment pieces can give you bonuses to stats or even little extra things besides the usual buffs to your defenses.

But keep in mind that you can only pick one, for 100% completion you'll need to play through the game twice to get everything.

For more on Lies of P, find out where to find all the weapons, how to stagger them more effectively, or how the Shapesystem works, stick with us at ESTNN

Lies of P Treasure Hunter Location
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